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Taken 3: 8 Reasons Why We'd Always Pick Liam Neeson To Be On Our Side In A Bar Fight

No. 9: Liam Neeson is practically this generation's Chuck Norris.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 15, 2015
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When Taken was released in 2008, the world immediately fell in love with Bryan Mills, an ex-covert operative played by that brusque beast, Liam Neeson. You probably all know the plot all too well by now (Loved one gets kidnapped, Liam Neeson murders them all), but our thirst to see Neeson's lethal set of skills in this thriller of a series hasn't waned a bit. 

It's a good thing then that the third movie in the franchise is now showing in theaters. Neeson returns in the film, with his motivation raised to a whole new level: his ex-wife is brutally murdered. What's worse is that he gets framed for the crime, with his enemies trying to get rid of him once and for all with help from the unwitting manhunt squads of the CIA, the FBI, and the police. Yet, once and for all, he will channel his anger and skills to track down the real masterminds, exact beautiful, beautiful revenge and protect the last thing that remains important to him: his daughter. 

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Video via 20th Century Fox

In an interview shared with us by the producers, Neeson quips about the desperation that has taken hold of his character:

Taken 3 is a kind of do-or-die situation for Bryan. He must rely on every possible skill he has, including hand-to-hand combat, explosives, and sharpshooting, being able to think on his feet, and the ability to vanish into thin air. He’s kind of part-machine. These skills just come to him after many years of practice. And once Bryan starts, he’s really, really hard to stop.”

This, however, isn't the first time that Liam Neeson has been really, really hard to stop. And that is why, if ever we find ourselves in a bar fight, we'd always, ALWAYS pick him to be on our side. Below are our reasons why along with clips from the man's movies.

1)   Liam friggin' taught Batman how to fight

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How quickly we forgot that as Ra's Al Ghul in Batman Begins, Liam routinely handed Bruce Wayne's ass to him during his ninja Batman training. When you've got a guy who can teach another man how to kick ass well enough that he becomes a superhero, there's no way that people will mess with you.

Video via Christian Bates

2)   There would be no Darth Vader without Liam

As Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Liam taught Obi-Wan how to swing laser swords like a badass in Star Wars. Obi-wan taught Anakin Skywalker everything that Qui-Gon taught him. One lesson flew over Anakin's head however: how to be NOT evil. He eventually became Darth Vader.  

Look, here's all the proof you need:

Video via DingoPictures

3)   Give Liam a sword, and he's even deadlier

Not only is Liam good with laser swords, he's also good with regular swords as he's proven in Kingdom Of Heaven.

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In a bar fight, you never know what kind of weapon you'll pick up, so being versatile helps.

Video via carsen1

4)   Liam got that hard-headed Lieutenant Alex Hopper to man up in

In boardgame-turned-action movie Battleship, Liam played the role of Admiral Terrence Shane who taught Taylor Kitsch the hard-learned lesson that you've got to do amazing stuff if you want to win over his daughter. 

Like what? Like saving the planet from aliens. If in case Liam had a hot daughter that we really had a crush on, proving ourselves in a tough bar fight with him should do just the trick.

Video via Clevver Movies

5)   Wolves are no match for Liam

Terrorist, criminals, Batman, Jedisall of these, at one point or another, were no match for our man of the hour. "But can he fight animals?" you ask. 

In fact, he can. In the 2013 thriller, The Grey, an airplane crash left him alone in the woods. While most of us would probably whimper to death, he manned up, and consequently beat up wolves along the way.

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Video via TheBushidovski

6)   Liam is actually Zeus

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