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The 10 Best Movie Moments Of 2017 (So Far)

If these are a sign of what to expect in the latter half of the year, then don’t be afraid to cough up that ticket money when you get the chance
by FHM Staff | Jul 10, 2017
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Half the year is now officially gone and we’re required to take a look back at some of the cinematic highlights that made moviegoers jump off their seats in excitement. 2017 is off to a great start—superhero blockbusters, sleeper hit thrillers, and local gems were just some of the contributors of these entertaining, unforgettable movie moments.

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10) Fall from grace from Bliss

Director Jerrold Tarog’s controversial psychological thriller was slapped with an X-rating for its adult themes and subject matter. And although most of the film was an exercise in existential terror, Iza Calzado’s climactic back-breaking fall was pure ecstasy. Beautifully framed. Dramatically lit. Despite the character’s pain, it was, well, pure bliss. 

9) Killer kid goes ballistic in Logan

Forget grumpy old Hugh Jackman as Logan! It was child star Dafne Keen as the young mutant Laura who slashed her way into every Marvel fan’s bleeding heart. That scene. Those moves. That girl has got a future.

8) Okja’s super pig in the city

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Netflix’s collaboration with Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho is a meditation on the destructive greed and hunger of humans. So, when Mija and her super pig Okja barrel through the streets and subways of South Korea, the result is a simultaneously artful and riotous sequence that’s trademark of the director’s hyperbolic style.   

7) The great escape from Get Out

SPOILER ALERT! The family of white southerners in Jordan Peele’s sharp thriller are racist, murderous psychos! After being trapped and tortured, protagonist Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) finally takes action and exacts an escape that proves lethal for his captors. It’s the purest form of retribution, regardless of race or cultural background.

6) Carson and Dio share drunken kiss in I’m Drunk, I Love You

Okay, so the tension between this indie rom-com’s best friend pairing has been built for a good hour and a half. Finally, intoxicated and vulnerable, the two share a kiss. It’s sloppy. It’s awkward. It’s all sorts of wrong. It’s the kind of bittersweet scene that’s like a punch to the gut. Young thespians Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador infuse the script with heart-crushing chemistry. BRB, crying.  

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5) Charlize Theron’s dreadlocks in Fast 8

Only a silver screen goddess like Theron can go from bald to dreadlocks like a true speed demon.

4) Pamela Anderson’s cameo for the Baywatch reboot

Although it came at the end of the campy summer flick, seeing the original CJ Parker was enough to wash away the salty taste of the comedy duo ofThe Rock and Zac Efron.

3) La La Land’s ending

We only included it on this list because when the curtain finally closed on this romatic tragedy, we were so happy it was over. No more Emma Stone singing. No more Ryan Gosling tap dancing. For a musical that sang about the City of Stars, this showboat of a movie was dull AF.

2) Ruby Rose’s evil turn in John Wick 2

She was slick. She was cool. She was a femme fatale who looked fucking amazing in a suit. Plus, she was wicked with a gun in her hand. What more could you ask for?

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1) Wonder Woman gets ready for battle

If there is one certified breakout star for the year, that title would have to go to the stunning and talented Gal Gadot. That scene in Wonder Woman where she takes off her cloak, puts on her tiara, and faces the onslaught of bullets from soldiers is hopeful without being naïve, fiery without being violent, and epic without being gratuitous. She held it all together, and audiences were more than happy to shower her with wonderful praises for it.

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