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The 11th Hour

Be sure not to be late on this one<br />
| Oct 5, 2007
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Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mikhail Gorbachev
From magazine cover spreads to environmentally aware film documentaries, it’s obvious that DiCaprio’s growing a green conscience. Not only that—he seems to be leading Hollywood’s sudden pro-active swing. In this recent project he produced, wrote, narrated and starred in, DiCaprio picked up where
former US vice president Al Gore left off on the critically acclaimed documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which clearly proves the existence of global warming. The 11th Hour already accepts that global warming is a serious threat gnawing the planet and asks the question: What will it take for humans to make an ecological difference before it’s too late? The in-your-face presentation of the facts in the eco-docu is supported by key personalities including top scientists, global thinkers, leaders, Stephen Hawking, former CIA topper James Woolsey and former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev. - Charmaine Z. Chanco

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