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The 134 Monsters From The Original Power Rangers, Ranked

A #throwback to the terrible things that once hounded our beloved Power Rangers
by Gelo Gonzales | May 19, 2016
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Interest for '90s childhood icons, the Power Rangers, has recently seen an uptick with a new movie slated for a March 2017 release. Earlier in the month, the Rangers' new suits were revealed, which probably generated the biggest amount of attention for these morphin' teenagers since the original series ended in 1996.

Naturally, the nostalgia crept over us and we started Googling for all things Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Before we gravitated towards the weird stuff that every major pop culture property is sure to have on the internet, one article spared us: sci-fi blog io9's "Every Single Monster on the Original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Ranked."

Reading the article, we realized two things: a) 134 monsters appeared on the show and b) someone was obsessed enough to catalog the Pokemon-like bestiary. The writer, Gordon Jackson, definitely caught 'em all, with visuals for a significant number of them. Read the full list on their page here.

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We list 10 of our favorite below:

1) Rita Repulsa

Rita is the Megatron, Shredder, or Cobra Commander of the series. She's in almost every episode, plotting the downfall of those darned heroes. You hate her. And then you discover that she's just trying to please an even more evil boss, which is when you start to feel some sympathy for her.

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2) Lord Zedd

The exposed flesh plus metal skeletal frame look of the character was just too badass for kids to ignore. a


3) Doomstone

This guy looks like he was just celebrating a soccer goal with a pair of Onitsukas and long orange socks when a cartoonishly huge tombstone fell on his head.

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 4) Eye Guy

A really gross, and hence, really cool character whose only weakness is...flash-equipped paparazzis.

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5) Bloom Of Doom

Essentially: a vagina monster.

6) Scorpina

Every kid's show in the '90s has a sexy villain that we secretly had a crush on. Scorpina takes on that role in Power Rangers.

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7) Guitardo

This guy needs to jam with that guitar guy from Mad Max: Fury Road.

8) Crabbie Cabbie

It's a sentient taxi with a katana. Go figure.

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9) Goldar

Say what you want about Goldar's scary mug; he got Scorpina to fall in love with him.

10) Frankenstein

They've given us guitar-wielding fly-like monsters and a wildly imaginative cab monster. At one point, they'll run out of ideas and say, "Bah, screw it, and just put Frankenstein in." And so they did.

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