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87TH ACADEMY AWARDS: The Funny, Awkward, And Unforgettable Moments!

What's your favorite Oscar moment this year?
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 23, 2015
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And just like that, the 87th Academy Awards has reached its conclusion! Best one we've seen in years, if you ask us.


Tell us, FHM Nation: What's your favorite Oscar moment this year? We have a few in mind...


When host Neil Patrick Harris, in what appears to be an homage to the famous Birdman scene, walked onstage in mere tighty whities.


When Idina Menzel, who was mistakenly introduced by John Travolta as "Adele Dazeem" last year, got her revenge by introducing him as "Glom Gazingo" this year.


When Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone gave each other a bear hug in the red carpet for no apparent reason.

OscarsPhoto by Mark Ralston (via buzzfeed.com)

When The Lonely Island's backup dancers gave Lego Oscars to audience members, and Steve Carrell tried to contain his happiness (while Channing Tatum didn't).



When Lady Gaga graced the red carpet in what appears to be dishwashing gloves.

Whenever Grand Budapest Hotel director Wes Anderson gave an "applause," if you can even call it that.


When Travolta gave an unsuspecting (and slightly uncomfortable) Scarlett Johansson a kiss on the cheek.

OscarsPhoto via Kevin Mazur (via buzzfeed.com)

When Ryan Seacrest unknowingly ditched Naomi Watts in favor of Whiplash star Miles Teller.


When Gaga redeemed herself by nailing every note of her The Sound of Music medley, much to Julie Andrews' delight.


When Best Supporting Actor winner J.K. Simmons gave the world a legitimate lecture on parental love during his acceptance speech.


When Best Supporting Actress winner Patricia Arquette gave the world a legitimate lecture on women's rights during her acceptance speech, which got a rise out of Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez.


When John Legend and Common performed their Oscar-nominated song "Glory," which brought tears to the eyes of several audience members, including Chris Pine and Selma star Devid Oyelowo.

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