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The Best Highlights From The Official 'Venom' Teaser Trailer

Tom Hardy nails it
by Andrei Medina | Feb 9, 2018
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Sony has finally launched an official teaser trailer with actual footage for their upcoming anti-hero film, where Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, otherwise known as Venom. This comes after the disappointing “Venom trailer” they released last month that turned out to be just a live video from the set, with Hardy delivering a short message to fans. This trailer is the real deal and treats fans to some certified Venom content, but it’s still probably best not to get your hopes up too high for now.


After seeing the trailer, we compiled a handful of highlights and paired these up with some questions (while theorizing on the side) to better understand how the story will potentially unfold. Check our Venom teaser trailer breakdown below:

Is Eddie dying?

You can tell that someone is really ill when they have to brave the claustrophobic experience of undergoing an MRI scan. This is exactly what happens during the opening scene of the trailer, where we see Eddie lying down in the machine while being examined by two doctors. In the comics, Eddie somehow gets cancer so this is our best bet as to what’s causing his deteriorating health condition.

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Eddie’s ex

We finally get to see Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Eddie’s ex-wife in the comics. She appears to be in a hospital hallway, presumably to check on Eddie’s condition. It’s not clear though whether the two are still together or have already broken up, but the latter will inevitably happen based on Hardy’s voice-over of the scene where he says “Everyone’s got their thing... Maybe it’s a breakup.”


There’s some sort of alien ship crash

At the 0:47 mark, we have cops cordoning off the area, medical personnel on standby, and a handful of responders wearing full anti-exposure suits in what seems to be a crash site of an alien spaceship. It’s probably safe to say that this is how they’ll introduce the Symbiote to Earth since it would be weird to watch a standalone Venom film that needs Spider-Man to bring the alien lifeform from space, which is what actually happened in the comics.

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Okay, so we don’t really get a shot of Eddie bonding with the Symbiote to form Venom just yet, but we do get to see the alien lifeform (which is technically still Venom) in all its gooey glory as it writhes inside a containment capsule. There’s also a quick shot showing Riz Ahmed portraying Dr. Carlton Drake as he observes the Symbiote with other scientists.

A violent transformation

The closest we get to actually seeing the anti-hero in action is during the 1:16 mark, which teases Eddie’s painful transformation into Venom. In a matter of seconds, Hardy’s superb acting already makes us feel Eddie’s agony as he suffers from violent spasms while his veins start turning black. It’s just too bad that the intense scene cuts after three seconds. At least that kind of ensures us that we’ll finally get to see Venom in the next official trailer.

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Venom is scheduled to hit theaters this October


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