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The 2014 Academy Awards Pizza Party: 10 Oscar Moments That Had Us Clapping/Booing

The 2014 Academy Awards had its host of happy winners. Those, however, aren't the only ones we're talking about today!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 3, 2014
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The world's most prestigious movie awards show, the Academy Awards, has just finished farming out all those golden trophies to this year's crop of must-watch movies. It's a list that includes space drama Gravity, the hedonistic The Wolf Of Wall Street, the AIDS-stricken Dallas Buyers Club, the gritty 12 Years A Slave and many more.

Headlining the winner's list are Matthew McConaughey, who bagged the Best Actor trophy for his role in Dallas Buyers Club; Cate Blanchett, Best Actress for Blue Jasmine; 12 Years A Slave as Best Picture; and Alfonso Cuarón who won the Best Director plum for Gravity.

(Click here for the complete set of winners!)

The winners circle, however, is far from the only thing that people look forward to in the spectacle. The people also love the acceptance speeches, the red carpet shenanigans, the awkward moments, and the cry faces. Plus, the chance to see celebrities FAIL! This year's ceremony had no shortage of these. Below are the 10 things that had us clapping/booing at this year's show:

1) Leonardo DiCaprio Still Not Winning, Still Not Getting Any Love From The Academy

Leonardo DiCaprio was simply dynamite in his role in The Wolf Of Wall Street. Many, us included, thought his performance was worthy of the Best Actor award. Dude's a talented thespian, and we thought that he was finally going to get his break.

And it looked like he thought so himself:

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Photo from Buzzfeed 

 Until of course Jennifer Lawrence announced the actual winner, who turned out to be dear ol' Matthew McConaughey—the same dude who acted as Leo's mentor in W.O.W.S.

2) Jennifer Lawrence, Still Falling And Stumbling

J-Law tripped on the way to picking up her Best Actress award at last year's show. This year, she didn't pick up an award, but continued her falling, stumbling ways—albeit in her trademark graceful manner.

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GIF from Buzzfeed

 She's like the Miriam Quiambao of awards shows.

3) Jared Leto Looking Like Jesus

The 30 Seconds To Mars vocalist, who played an AIDS-afflicted transgender in Dallas Buyers Club, bagged the Best Supporting Actor award.

With his long hair and gaunt facial feature however, Jared also won another award in the eyes of the Internet: the Actor That Looks Like Jesus The Most Award.

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Photo from 

 Yes, we made up that award.  

4) People Not Thanking God Except For Matthew McConaughey

The inspiring Best Supporting Actress victory of 12 Years A Slave's Lupita Nyong'O gave us one of the most moving speeches in the history of the Academy Awards that not even the Internet had the heart to poke fun at. You can read it at full here, via the E!Online website.

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Of all the winner speeches though, it was only Best Actor Matthew McConaughey who thanked God. We quote: "First off, I wanna thank God, because that's who I look up to. He has graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand."  

Photo from E!Online

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 Translation: "Leo, next time, dagdagan mo ang dasal!"

5) Twitter-crashing selfies

 You have probably seen (and retweeted) this photo:  

In 15 minutes, it broke Twitter's record for most retweets previously held by Barrack Obama's "4 More Years" re-election win tweet.

Soon after, the superstar-selfie broke the million-retweet mark, making it the first of its kind.

Anyone up to the challenge of breaking that? FHM cover girls, how about we do one super attempt?

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