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The Most Explosive Takeaways From The New 'Venom' Trailer

Obviously, we're crazy excited for this one
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 1, 2018
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Sony just released a new trailer for Venom and it got us salivating. It revealed a lot of fresh details about the upcoming Spider-villain spinoff.

Obviously, Venom won’t be anything like your typical Marvel movie, with the trailer proclaiming that “The world has enough superheroes.”

With the film most likely not being a part of the MCU, it’s interesting to see how they will make Venom’s origin story work considering his character is heavily tied to Spider-Man.

The first teaser trailer immediately got a little bit of heat and criticism from fans for its lack of CGI and showing the anti-hero for just the last few seconds. Sony has answered that call with more than just a tad of Venom this time.

So here’s our breakdown of the biggest takeaways from the latest trailer that showcases the film’s skeleton—or symbiote, rather—with a handful of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it pieces.

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Eddie Brock, the system-poking journalist

The trailer starts with Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock character establishment: an investigative reporter who seems to have a knack for digging into crisis stories that the government is turning a blind eye to. Of course, with this movie heavily drawing inspiration from the Venom: Lethal Protector miniseries, he is deeply interested in the Life Foundation, led by Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake, who may not just be a one-percenter industrialist in this movie. But we’ll get into that later.

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What (or who) are these symbiotes?

We can see Riz Ahmed open what looks like a delivery truck, exposing two canisters of symbiotes: one looks blue, while the other has a yellow pallet. That means there could be more that are not in the shot, especially with rumors that Woody Harrelson might be playing Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, which raises the question: Will there be a red symbiote, too?

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Eddie Brock’s investigation into the Life Foundation expectedly leads to a night-time break-in that brings him in front of one of the test subjects. Somehow, she escapes and attacks Eddie. Clearly this is the first time Eddie first comes into contact with a symbiote, it’s still pretty unclear what happened and who this other character might be. Seeing her in fetal position inside her cell, she could be Agony, the purple symbiote that attaches to Leslie Gesneria. But with the lighting and the shrill that accompanied her attack on Eddie, this might just be Scream. But we’re going to have to find out ourselves when the movie comes out in October.

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Eddie is 'taken'

Shortly after the previous scene, Eddie starts having headaches at home. He takes pills but starts hearing another voice in his head. Then his eyes turn pitch black and the symbiote gradually engulfs him. We can’t wait to see how this scene will turn out ni the actual movie.

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Carlton Drake wants the best for the human race

Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake is the main villain of the film, and this trailer just fleshed out his motives. He feels the planet is on the brink of collapse, and that humans on their own are disposable. He suggests that fusing man with symbiote will create a new race, a new species, and most importantly, a higher life form that can survive the coming ecological catastrophe. His twisted ideology is justified by his desire to secure the future of the human race. The question is: Will Carlton Drake eventually have himself infused with a symbiote?

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Symbiote vs MRI

When you hear voices in your head, you, of course, will wonder what could be causing it. Are you going insane? Did someone put their earpiece in your ear? Well, Eddie wanted to find out for sure what was wrong, so he goes in for an MRI scan. Some knowledge drop for you: MRIs use strong magnetic fields and radio waves in order to examine and analyze the body. And if you’ve read the comics or watched the terrible character adaptation in Spider-Man 3, then you would know that the symbiote is sensitive to such waves. How does that affect the symbiote’s overall power and its relationship with Eddie?

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The symbiote has a plan

In the comics, Eddie and the Venom symbiote usually have the same motivation—a distorted sense of justice and a craving to retaliate against Spider-Man. But as seen in this snippet, the symbiote seems to have a specific ploy of its own.

This is a smart move, to be honest, on Sony’s end. It adds another layer to the character of Venom that inside this alien beast are two minds—Eddie and the symbiote—that may or may not have the same goals in their heads. It would be interesting to see how they handle the dynamic of these two.

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But now, like Eddie, we’re left wondering what the symbiote’s agenda could be. And it answered with a teasing, “You’ll find out.”

The motorcycle chase (again)

In the first trailer, we already saw this motorcycle chase where Eddie Brock is motorcycling away from who we assume to be Drake’s goons. Symbiote tendrils shoot out of Eddie’s body, grab the cars, and heave them away.

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This is a scene that depicts Venom’s impressive power and not that we’re complaining, but maybe they could’ve chosen a different scene for this.

Eddie and the symbiote have a talk

Eddie attempts to persuade the symbiote that they should only hurt people that deserve it and no one else. But the symbiote retorts, unimpressed by Eddie’s stubborness.

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The next scene sees the symbiote forming as a new limb on Eddie’s shoulders, scaring the crap out of Eddie. This is another approach into the dynamics between Eddie and the alien life form living inside him, which pushes the envelope on the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde gimmick.


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Eddie and the symbiote seem to have reached an agreement in the next scene, possibly after the motorcycle chase scene goes wrong, leaving Eddie all banged up with injuries. The symbiote heals his wounds and takes over Eddie and turns into the monstrous Venom we saw in the first trailer, eventually snacking on one of Drake’s thugs.

Ann Weying

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Michelle Williams plays Ann Weying, Eddie’s ex-wife. She’s a lawyer, who apparently is employed in a firm that works for Carlton Drake’s Life Foundation. Other than that and being scared shitless by the fact that Eddie is now part-symbiote, there hasn’t been much information about Ann. What part could she play in the Drake vs Brock clash? And would she affect Eddie and the symbiote’s relationship?

Lasher lashes out

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In this scene, an EMT that seems to be from China forms a bladed weapon in her hand to slash some exposed throats. She goes on a killing spree, and is showed again seconds later projecting a torrent of blades from its back. In the comics, that particular method of spawning weapons from its back is a signature of one of the Five Symbiotes, Lasher.

The SWAT gets swatted away

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It may not be Eddie’s intentions to hurt innocent people, but he has no choice if these innocent people come for him. This scene suggests that Eddie’s antihero identity has been compromised and becomes known to the authorities. Even if Eddie kicks the ass of the Life Foundation, it would be highly likely that Eddie becomes a wanted man by the end of the film. Let’s just hope he tries to move to Queens where he may meet a particular web-headed teenager.

The World Has Enough Superheroes

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This seems to be the film’s tagline, and all we can say is it’s damn effective. It’s a reminder that Venom will not be like any “hero” we’ve seen so far. With superhero films flooding the film industry as of late, it’s a wise move to distinguish Venom from the rest.

Let’s go, Riot

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Riot reveals himself to be the main villain of the film in this little clip of him slashing out desks and computers. But before this we see Carlton Drake in what seems to be the same room. So you can probably piece that together on your own.

Riot differs from the other symbiotes due to the fact that he can jump from one host to another. That being his signature quality, Eddie or Venom won’t know who the host is until it’s too late for them to react. Who could be the people that Riot tries to takeover?

Venom vs. Riot

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This would probably be the climax of the movie, with Riot trying to tear off the Venom symbiote from Eddie Brock, and almost succeeding. Then both symbiotes unravel themselves to reveal the men within. And yes, as we suggested, by this point, the Riot symbiote has taken Carlton Drake as its host. Although we’re still not quite sure whether he willingly gave himself up to the symbiote or not. Given that the Venom symbiote has an agenda of its own, is it safe to say that Riot also has his? It is quite fascinating that not only the symbiotes oppose one another, but so do Eddie Brock and Carlton Drake.

We are Venom

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The final part of the trailer shows Venom threatening a shop thief with how he’s going to methodically dissect and devour the thief’s body. And when the thief asked who the hell the beast is, the symbiote reveals Eddie’s face half-in-half with Venom’s and they say “We are Venom” before turning into full-alien monster again and seemingly doing what we said he would do.

This unity of host and symbiote reflects that Eddie and his symbiote have finally reached an agreement to work together.

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