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The Colony

<p>10 people vies to survive extinction. We're not liking our chances here</p>
| Mar 25, 2010
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Admit it or not, the idea of our world meeting its demise had us worried sick at some point. [firstpara] Not to mention the emergence of all things apocalyptic, from the sickest end-of-the-world flicks to the epic catastrophes from all corners of our planet. Call it extinction, global warming, or even death by meteor; we’re doomed to face judgment day in some capacity.

From the makers of Deadliest Catch and 1,000 Ways to Die comes a gripping new reality series called The Colony. The Discovery Channel original tackles survival and existence, featuring ten cast members in an environment that stimulates life after a global catastrophe.

“For years I’ve wanted to create a disaster, a post-apocalyptic scenario and put everyday people, normal people, with some skills, put them together and see if they could actually recreate a society,” says Thom Beers, executive producer of the show.

The series will feature a marine biologist, an engineer, a nurse, a martial artist, an ex-convict, and a whole lot more, vying for one goal and one goal only: recreate a society using their skills and their skills alone.

The path to survival however, as reality would suggest, isn’t as simple as it looks. With no food, no water, and no clean equipments, they all had to rely on whatever they could find on the scrap yard or the warehouse they live in.

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Making their survival even more challenging is the presence of gangs and looters going around parading on their resources.

“The thing that was fascinating to me is that they actually could look around and use everything in that massive warehouse and figure out how to use it,” quips Thom.

“We did not deconstruct and put stuff in there.  We merely put in machines, the stuff that we could find, and just put it in there to see what they could make. They actually made it from scratch.  They made it from their technology, what was in their brain.”

The 1st season saw the colony create a generator, a gasifier, an ozonator, and even solar panels. We could barely imagine what a merely small number of individuals could do and create just to survive an onslaught.

But scientific know-how alone will not be enough to survive in a desperate world. Several episodes saw scientists turning to other cast members with nothing but guts and street smarts to save the entire colony in more than one occasion.

Given the existence of doomsday movies, a show with such an authentic approach to an old concept doesn’t come very often. We have a gut feeling that The Colony is worth checking out.

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We’re not really relying on it to teach us how to build a damn generator with our bare hands, but it does give the impression that survival is within a scrapyard's reach, or something like that. It will help us sleep soundly at night, that's for sure.

“We’ve been making television shows for 25 years.  And as we’ve created over 50 television series and this one I’m most proud of,” the executive producer states. “It’s genuine and I just think it’s some of the most compelling television we’ve ever made.”

The Colony premieres on Discovery Channel every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. starting April 7.

Watch the trailer of The Colony here:


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