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The FHM Movie Awards 2009

<p>Let the awarding begin!</p>
| Dec 29, 2009
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The recently concluded MMFF Awards has put us in an award-giving mode, so here we compiled some of the coolest movies of 2009, with our own categories that you’ll likely never see in the Oscar’s or any serious award-giving body. So without further ado... [firstpara] Best Animated Film: Up
At first, many of us were skeptical about the story of a house that flew using balloons. Preposterous, right? Wrong.

This is Pixar. And Pixar’s fanciful animated features have always had a way of turning us into wide-eyed kids who’ll believe anything from rats who can cook, to ants who can devise telescopes. Up is their 2009 opus, that is full of that trademark Pixar wit, a sense of adventure, and a touching story that warms the heart.

What’s Old is Cool Again Award: Star Trek
Prior to this film, the Star Trek franchise,for better or for worse, had sunken into the realms of nerdville.

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Being a fan of the franchise, most especially in the Western lands, would have given you the nerd label, prompting bullies everywhere to pull your underwear up to your head (see Wedgie).

But this Star Trek movie made it quite cool again, successfully mixing the geeky aspects of the series (Beam me up, Scotty!) with a modern, engaging storyline, sly characters, and to top it all off, great action scenes.

Best Use of Puppets Award: Fantastic Mr. Fox
With Up taking our Best Animated Film award, we cannot let Fantastic Mr. Fox go empty-handed. So we did the next best thing: we created a special category just for it just so we could talk about the endearing film.

Like we said in our review, Fantastic Mr. Fox is just fantastic, with its Looney Tunes-like franticness, quirky characters, quirky animation, and fast-paced storytelling. As always, Wes Anderson presents us with a winner.

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