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The Godfather II

<p>Ninong is back! Cue soundtrack...</p>
| Mar 2, 2009
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Where: X360, PS3, PC
The Mafia world’s opening its heavy gates again and like the first inning, Godfather II will be mirroring the second film. Aldo’s departure will open more doors for you as Michael Corleone calls for you to become don. Unfortunately, importing your character from the old game isn’t possible, and while there are new perks that come along with the new job title, the pressure’s greater too. Your goal is to grow the family business, which will require you to make nice with families, rough up people and go about your daily dirty business. The game will update you on what’s going down in other parts of the city and the gameplay’s much sweeter—where sandbox and strategy go hand-in-hand - Cara Maia Tanlimco

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