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The 10 Most Unforgettable Movie Scenes Of 2015

These cinematic moments have forever been etched in our minds.
by Gelo Gonzales and Anton D. Umali | Dec 28, 2015
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First, a warning: This article contains spoilers (especially the last entry, which is about Star Wars). But since 2015 is coming to a close, you really shouldn’t have any reason not to have seen these films.

Entertaining action blockbusters made their presence felt on the silver screen this year—five of them sequels to already-successful franchises. Local flicks penetrated the pop culture spectrum as well, bringing life to all forms of #hugot and a renewed sense of nationalism (and hope for Philippine cinema). Pixar once again reeled in the #feels and Ridley Scott churned out an epic space sci-fi seriocomedy (finally!).

All in all, 2015 was packed with a well of storytelling deeper than a greasy bucket of popcorn.

Below are the best moments from it.  

1) Mad Max battles six beautiful girls and one insane baddie while handcuffed! 

From: Mad Max: Fury Road

Amidst all the high-speed road rage in the year’s sickest car chase ever, it’s the claustrophobic handcuffed battle between Max, Furiosa, Nux, and the Five Wives that sets the frenetic tone for all the twisted metal that followed. Lesson for Tom Hardy: Don’t mess with Charlize Theron. She is one badass bitch!

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2) F-ing T-Rex Vs. Indominus Rex!

From: Jurassic World

Okay, so Chris Pratt is totally cool and funny and charming AF! But who cares? The highlight of JW was seeing the T-Rex claw it out with the genetically mutated Indominus Rex—that is until a third combatant makes his splashing entrance...

3) Heneral Luna just won't die!

From: Heneral Luna

Arguably the most talked about, posted about, and revered Pinoy film in recent memory, the fictionalized account of General Antonio Luna’s life was a triumphant commercial and critical hit. Like the movie itself, its protagonist refused to succumb to an easy death.

The finale was brutal.

It was cathartic.

It was awesome.

And thus, the end begins

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4) John Lloyd Cruz calls himself "tae"

From: A Second Chance

The sequel to the quote-generating One More Chance was a portrait of a young marriage unraveling. Everyone’s favorite couple, Popoy and Basha, finds that true love isn’t so easy after all—especially when there are bills to pay, businesses to care for, and possible affairs to dodge. And when JLC refers to himself as “tae” in the heat of an argument, audiences couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time.

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5) Matt Damon needing rescue (again!)

From: The Martian

Matt Damon seriously needs a career upgrade. He’s always being rescued in his movies (See: Saving Private Ryan and Interstellar) and it’s kind of getting old. Good thing his rescue launch out of Mars in a pod-rocket for director Ridley Scott’s feel-good sci-fi flick was gripping stuff!

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Welcome back, Matt D! Do the saving next time.


6) Angelica Panganiban showing us the best use for Sagada's vast expanse

From: That Thing Called Tadhana

February saw the arrival of a little engine that could—a rom-com about star-crossed lovers who take a road trip to Sagada while discussing the machinations of relationships and existence. Count on director Antoinette Jadaone to induce the hugot and make every brokenhearted Filipino travel to the mountains. To do what? To scream, “Ayoko na! Ayoko nang masaktan! Tama na!” of course.

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7) That Aston Martin DB10 though

From: Spectre

When Batista is chasing you down in the streets of Rome, it’d be in your best interest to have a tricked-out Aston Martin DB10 at your disposal—for which we now informally confer the "Best Car In A Movie" award, which we totally just made up now.

You sexy beast, you:

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8) Bing Bong is left behind

From: Inside Out

Pixar’s anthropomorphic emotions made you laugh, made you angry, and made you cry. The scene that brought out the most mixed blue-and-yellow balls of melancholy from your brain, however, was when Riley’s imaginary friend Bing Bong helped Joy escape the dreaded Memory Dump. Admit it, you wailed like a baby!

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Only the Lord knows the amount of "NO, I'M NOT CRYING!" excuses men all over the world had to make up for this scene.

9) This moment of insanity from our old friend, Tom Cruise:

From: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

The opening sequence where Ethan Hunt latches onto a plane as it takes off, hanging for his life mid-flight, clues moviegoers in on the joke that Mr. Cruise is going to be on his feet running for the next two hours and a half. (Also: That Cruise may actually be borderline insane.) It’s pretty exhausting stuff, but sticking it out for the fifth installment of the super spy franchise is well worth it.

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10) Welcome to the Dark Side

From: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Rounding out this list is the most jaw-dropping moment in the year’s most awaited space opera sequel. When Han Solo got a lightsaber stabbed through his midsection by his baddie son Kylo Ren, the collective sigh of sadness and shock of Star Wars fans around the world reverberated. It was a painful moment, especially for Chewie. The Force was indubitably strong in this scene.

The kiss that led to his eventual doom. NOT!

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