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The Immortals: 7 Immortals We'd Love to Kill

Not so immortal now, aren't we?
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 8, 2011
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Get ready for blood, gore and a whole lot of skin exposure… in 3D! The Immortals hits theaters this week. Action/adventure junkies will get their fix of violence and fantasy from this contemporary adaptation. Loosely based on Greek Mythology, the film tells the story of Theseus (Henry Cavill), chosen by Zeus of Olympus to battle Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), the Heraklian King of Crete. Shot a la 300, with the use of green screens and tons of digital enhancements, its slated to be a feast for the senses.

Since the Greek Gods have long staked their claim on immortality, we couldn’t help but ponder on immortal movie characters we’d love to kill. In the world of film and fiction, immortality always has a loophole. The undead don’t stay undead for long, evil wizards can somehow be banished and relentless demons, yeah, you can send them packing to the pits of hell. Here are our favorite seven immortals we'd love to kill.

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1. Voldemort from Harry Potter
Who he is: Snake-faced evil wizard hell-bent on murdering “the one who lived” a.k.a. Harry Potter (cue Bri-ish accent). Leader of the Death Eaters, he wreaks havoc on both the magical and muggle (that’s Hogwarts speak for human) worlds, chasing down our three favorite wand-wielders, who constantly foil his malicious plans.

Kill because: He’s just too gross to look at. Imagine him eating a piece of orange with his pale lips… we shudder at the thought.

Death by: To kill Voldemort you must destroy the horcruxes (items he’s imbued with a fragment of his soul). One proven method is by stabbing said item with a Basilisk’s tooth. Good luck finding one.  

                          Lord Voldemort’s molars suffered from the crystal-meth binge.  

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