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These Kick-Ass Superheroines Prove That Strong Is The New Sexy

Admit it, you're both attracted and terrified of these women
by Karen Mae De Vera | Aug 19, 2017
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Since the overwhelming success of Wonder Woman and the Captain Marvel movie currently in the works, it looks like geekdom will finally have more equal opportunity superheroine flicks. It’s just mind-boggling why we haven’t had more female-led fare (you can prolly count the existing ones with your hands). Sure, there were some crappy ones released, but even male-centric movies encounter the same problems so there’s no reason to stop trying. FYI, there’s more than enough content and material to go around. And because this is so, here's a list and ranking of kickass women who deserve their own flick (or several more sequels in the future). Kapow!

18) Batgirl

Batman & Robin

Way different from the original version, this Barbara is Alfred’s niece instead of Commissioner Gordon’s daughter and hails from the U.K., but for some reason has an all-American accent. But we’re sure most male viewers didn’t mind the slight alteration since she’s a badass biker, had an obligatory girl-on-girl brawl with Poison Ivy, and is played by '90s it girl Alicia Silverstone. With a new Batgirl movie in the works, we’ll hopefully see better characterization of Babs.

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17) Mantis

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The alien empath gives us all the feels—literally! She’s a walking lie-detector test that can suss out how you truly feel with just a touch. And if you cross her, she might use her emotionally manipulative powers on you (not to be mistaken with how a crazy ex might act). Mantis’ pathokinetic ability allows her to alter feelings or as she puts it simply, “I can make a stubborn person compliant.”

She was even able to put a huge celestial being to sleep!

16) Invisible Woman

The Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four (2005 and 2015)

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Whether we’re talking about the cheesy, but fun 2005 and 2007 popcorn flick or the gloomy, serious business movie that got less-than-stellar reviews, Sue Storm will always be a memorable and hella crushable character thanks to Jessica Alba and Kate Mara. She can turn invisible, move objects with her mind, and produce an impressive, defensive force field. Who wouldn’t want powers like hers?

15) Silk Spectre II


Taking on her mom’s superhero alter-ego, Laurie continues the crime-fighting legacy. Having trained in martial arts and gymnastics since she was young, she can hold her own in a fight even against—spoiler alert—former teammate Ozymandias (though she was teamed up with Nite Owl II).

14) Kitty Pryde

X-Men series

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Kitty can phase through solid objects, which helped her escape William Stryker’s army when they attacked Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in X2: X-Men United. She played bit part in the first three movies and it wasn’t until X-Men: Days of Future Past that we got to see the full extent of Kitty’s powers. ICYMI, she can phase through someone’s mind to manipulate time and was able to bring Wolverine back to 1973.

13) Elektra

Daredevil, Elektra

Jennifer Garner was already considered an action girl thanks to the Alias series, but she leveled up the badassery by playing the sai-wielding assassin. Elektra was just going to be some sorta love interest for Daredevil, but was popular enough that she became the hero of her own story. We clearly can’t get enough of her because in both this movie and the Netflix series, they resurrect her from the dead.

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12) Rogue

X-Men series

Rogue is blessed with the most powerful yet worst mutant ability—sucking out life force and absorbing it through touch. She could kill anyone if she touches them long enough. Rogue’s struggles with her newfound abilities and mutant life made her the audience surrogate as viewers explore the world with her. We were so glad to have her back in Days of Future Past, where she fought Sentinels and helped an injured Kitty keep Logan’s mind back in the past. Too bad her scenes were removed from the theatrical release but at least the Rogue Cut edition keeps it intact.

11) Supergirl


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Before Helen Slater became known as Kara’s mom Eliza Danvers in the Supergirl series or as Clark Kent’s mom Lara-El in Smallville, she was the OG Supergirl. While the 1984 movie was ridiculously campy and didn’t have much of a plot (love potions? A witch living in an amusement park?). The actress portrayed the character well and looked pretty cool flying around while deflecting electric attacks and ripping out heavy machinery by hand.

10) Catwoman

Batman, Batman Returns, Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises 

Consistently played by the current hottie of the decade, the leather-clad feline fatale will always be iconic. She’s been parkouring before it became cool and can claw your eyes out at a moment’s notice. We’re not sure if you could exactly call her a hero since she’s always fucking around with Batman and leaving him with blue balls. But she did have a Razzie-winning solo film which starred Halle Berry that sort of puts her in a heroic light.

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9) Negasonic Teenage Warhead


This snarky teenage mutant proves that you don’t need any fancy-sounding abilities to get shit done. She can self-detonate and blow shit up and level an area while browsing her smartphone in true youth culture fashion. A true multi-tasker! #LitAF

8) Gamora

Guardians of the Galaxy series

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This space babe is stronger, faster, and more invulnerable to damage than any human around, plus highly skilled in both firearms and swords. Have you ever wondered why Nebula looks more machine than flesh? It's because whenever they spar with one another, the losing sister gets “upgraded” by Thanos. And by the looks of it, Gamora is the real winner.


7) Storm

X-Men series

With complete command of the weather, Ororo can fry you up with lightning where you stand. So when her eyes turn white, you better GTFO and run for cover. If only she could make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Black Panther film. (Make it happen, Marvel!)

6) Mystique

X-Men series

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Starting from X-Men: First Class, they were able to overhaul Raven’s character and add more depth instead of just being mere fanservice fodder. We didn’t expect Mystique to become the breakout character of the franchise, even overshadowing Professor X and Magneto with her shapeshifting abilities, combat skills, cocky attitude, and well, her appearance.

5) Scarlet Witch

Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War

The product of science experiments (and *ahem* not care of Magneto’s genes thanks to copyright), Wanda is able to emit energy blasts, levitate, create force fields, and mind-fuck people using their greatest fears. Her abilities seem emotionally-linked as news of her brother’s death made her release a psionic attack with great AoE damage. It’s a good thing they’ve brought her to the good side in Age of Ultron or she’d be one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

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4) Harley

Suicide Squad

Here’s another character with questionable moral alignment! Since Suicide Squad touts her as the protagonist though, Miss Harleen Quinzel gets a pass. Most heroes tend to take themselves too seriously or get incredibly mopey about their past, but not Harley. That may be because she’s slightly off her rocker, but every scene she’s in becomes quite an entertaining bloodbath.

3) Black Widow

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Natasha doesn’t need special abilities to survive since she’s damn good at getting the job done. Superhero? More like super spy! She’s gone against aliens, a Norse god, robot sentries, and the like and more often than not, saves the asses of her silly superpowered male Avengers teammates. And who else can make Hulk calm the fuck down? Major props for that.

2) Jean Grey/Phoenix

X-Men series

Jean has always been one of the most powerful characters in the X-Men universe, even before she unlocked her Phoenix alter-ego. The Class 5 mutant even surpasses Professor X himself since, apart from the usual telepathic/telekinetic powers, she can make people explode by just thinking about it. (Poor Cyclops!) She fucked some serious shit up in X-Men: The Last Stand. Fortunately, that timeline got retconned in Days of Future Past. After getting a glimpse of what Jean can do in Apocalypse, we’re hyped for the Dark Phoenix flick!

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1) Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is not only an Amazon Princess but also the box-office queen. And we have to commend DC for the perfect casting of Gal Gadot, who looks like she can beat any baddie up in a fight. Regardless of the medium, Wonder Woman has always been the poster girl for superheroines. We not only see her top-notch fighting abilities, but also her innate goodness, strong conviction, and unwavering determination as she doesn’t let anybody stop her from completing her goal. Not even her own allies can get in her way. Even the crappy disappointment of a villain that was Ares could not dampen Wonder Woman’s star power. DC finally got it right!


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