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The New 'Aquaman' Poster Spawns The Funniest Memes

Fish are friends, not food
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jul 17, 2018
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We were all convinced from the first time we saw Jason Momoa carrying his quident--still not a trident-- with those scaly tattoos and long beard that he was the perfect dude to rule the seven seas as Aquaman. Gone are the days when the King of Atlantis was the go-to butt of comic book jokes. Or are they? The poster for the upcoming Aquaman movie, scheduled for release later this year, just came out and fans had a lot to say about it. The dramatic poster featuring an underwater shot of Momoa crouched on a rock surrounded by his minions drew a lot of comparisons from Pixar's Finding Nemo to Momoa's old HBO fantasy show, Game of Thrones. Here are just some of them for your daily dose of wet fun.


We'd be happy to take his place

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We've finally found the third installment for this franchise

At first glance, you wouldn't notice what's been changed here




Confirmed cameos!

The caption says it all

A lot of this is going around, but it's simply magic

This would actually be pretty epic

Everyone's joined in on the fun

Finally, a worthy title

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