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The Losers

Comic book adaptations are the trend this year, and The Losers headlines the pack

| Apr 22, 2010
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The Losers, the film adaptation of the Vertigo and DC Comic’s book of the same name, is looking to be pretty kick-ass. No pun intended for the movie we featured last week. [firstpara]

If you’ve read the highly acclaimed comic book, chances are you’ll dish out nothing but praises for this one; the film closely resonates the key elements of the book.

The film’s plot revolves around five members of elite United States Special Forces Team: Franklin Gray, William Roque, Jake Jensen, Linwood Porteus, and Carlos Alvarez, aka The Losers.

Sent into the Bolivian Jungle for a mission, the squad turns out to be blindsided and ambushed, courtesy of traitor from the inside known by the name of Max.

In comes the good part. Presumed by everyone that the guys are dead and over with, The Losers orchestrate the perfect revenge plan to settle the score with Max, but this time accompanied by the sexy yet dangerous operative named Aisha, played by the equally seductive Zoe Saldana.


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