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The Lovely Bones

<p>This is not a movie about your favorite fastfood chicken</p>
| Mar 18, 2010
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Looking at Peter Jackson, the man behind universal cult hits Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, and District 9, one would suppose that The Lovely Bones is way off on his motion picture arsenal. [firstpara] But Jackson develops the award-winning 2002 novel by Alice Sebold into a refurbished film adaptation with enough computer-generated imagery to make it his own.

The Lovely Bones centers on the legend of Susie Salmon, a 14-year old small-town girl living the typical American childhood verve: experience the wonders of her first love, dream of becoming a photographer, and kiss the boy she likes.

But on December 6th, 1973, Susie Salmon was murdered.

This however, would not be the last we’d see of Susie, as she discovers soon enough that it is possible to watch over her family – and her killer – from elsewhere.

Don’t be fooled by the cheesy lexis; the plot is actually somewhat eerie, and it’s a rather dark adaptation even from a guy like Peter Jackson.

The film boasts a slew of characters with enough verdict, most notably the role of George Harvey, played by Stanley Tucci, who received a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and Oscar nominations for his performance in this film.

Mr. “Good Vibrations” Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz play Susie’s parents trying to deal with the murder and the murderer in the aftermath of their daughter’s death.

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What makes it compelling is the longevity of the plot, ranging from the normal to the worst to the repercussion. But the film  is getting negative reviews for being too preachy, lacking the joy and the heartbreak that’s found in the novel.

As a movie, The Lovely Bones went from heartwarmingly dramatic to unbelievably terrorizing, then went right back to being cheesy. The changes in the plot’s concept are interesting, but moviegoers not really looking for a buy one-take one deal aren’t as convivial.

The characters are well-portrayed, but perhaps Jackson chose the wrong novel to revamp, or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, the film is important enough to have a comfortable space in your DVD cabinet, should you choose not to see this one in cinemas.

If you’re looking for a shady family drama, never mind the filmmakers and simply focus on the film. Susie is a sweet enough girl to catapult her way into our hearts, putting the slaughter and the gore aside. If you haven’t read the novel and has no idea who Peter Jackson is, The Lovely Bones would be a lot easier to digest.

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