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The Most Dastardly Villians in Christmas flicks

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| Dec 3, 2009
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Christmas approaches fast. The season to be jolly. The season of giving. The season of hugs, kisses, and everything warm and fuzzy. And the season when we feel obliged to use up almost our entire 13th month pay for things we might not really need.

Sorry to sound like a scrooge on that last line, but these dastardly villains from Christmas movies must be affecting us. Here’s our list of our favorite Christmas movie scrooges.

Ebenezer Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)
Surprise! Of course we can’t leave ol’ Ebenezer out. Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, is about a man who finds nothing special with Christmas. He doesn't like, in fact hates it, and thinks that all those Christmas trees, and gift-giving happening all around are for the simple-minded. Cynical, cold and miserable, Ebenezer Scrooge can quickly put out the spirit of Christmas as if it were the tiny, little flame of a candle in the middle of an arctic snowstorm.

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Trivia: Scrooge’s tale has been retold countless times over since the 1900s, spanning the radio, theater, film, and cartoons. There’s even a Muppet version of the tale, called The Muppet Christmas Carol, which was released in 1992.

Marv and Harry (Home Alone)
Marv and Harry (played by Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci, respectively) are two of the most inept criminals in the history of the movies, but they’re still very dastardly. Their modus operandi: take advantage of families vacationing away for the holiday season, and do a little Christmas “shopping” with no regard for the Christmas spirit. Too bad they picked the house of a kid who can dish out pain and punishment as if he were the spawn of the devil.

Tip: Stick to Home Alone 1 and 2, and avoid Home Alone 3 and 4.

Terrorists (Die Hard)
Not many of you may know this, but the original Die Hard released in 1988 is actually set during Christmas. The movie’s plot is nothing groundbreaking, involving a bunch of terrorists taking over a building to steal money, and a certain detective named John Mclane (Bruce Willis). The terrorists’ biggest sin to Christmas is that they strike in the middle of a company Christmas party held in the same building! Party poopers!

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