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The Rock Released The First Trailer Of Paige's Biopic (And We Have Some Questions)

Are we going to see where the 'THIS IS MY HOUSE!' came from?
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Nov 15, 2018
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has done a great deal for wrestling, particularly WWE, and vice versa. He lifted the company and the industry as a whole to new heights when he broke out of his pineapple-hair days to become the most electrifying man in all of sports entertainment. And he’s doing the wrestling business another favor by producing a biopic about the journey of WWE Superstar and now SmackDown General Manager, Paige.

The film is set for release on February 2019, and a snippet was uploaded on YouTube some seven months ago, where Paige and brother Zak run into The Rock on the day of their tryouts.

But now the full trailer has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more hyped about it. We’re pretty sure wrestling and non-wrestling fans will appreciate the journey of Paige, or if you wanna call her by her real name, Saraya-Jade Bevis.

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Despite our excitement, however, we’ve got some questions about what we saw in the trailer, and what we might see when the movie comes out in February.

How much of it is true?

The Rock being a major part of Paige’s transition into the WWE. Being considered an outsider by the other female wrestlers in the company. The wrestling on the sandy shores. Were all of these really part of Paige’s path to becoming one of the most renowned women in wrestling today? If so, what would the real-life counterparts of these people have to say? Making them villains in Paige’s story would certainly hit some nerves.

Who are Paige’s batchmates in her tryouts?

This one is really just out of curiosity. We saw the mighty Dave Mastiff in there and a bunch of other wrestlers. We wonder how many of them made it, and how many of them got cut and went somewhere else?

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Where did The Rock get the actress for Paige?

Florence Pugh stars in the lead role, and we just wonder how The Rock got the perfect actress that not only looked like her and talked like her but also has (obviously) a ton of charisma and talent to take on the role. Emulating the wrestling superstar’s voice and looks is one thing, but actually embodying her younger version on the big screen is an entirely different story. But it looks like Florence Pugh will have no problems with that.

How much of Paige’s journey will be in it?

We know it’s stemming from the point where Paige actually became a wrestling fan herself, but up to where does this biopic take us? There have been reports that suggest that its climax would be Paige winning her first Divas Championship and being the youngest one at that. It would certainly be more dramatic if it reached the supposed “end” of the female superstar’s career.

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