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The Sexy, Dangerous Women of On The Job

Erik Matti's new hitman drama has no shortage of dangerous women
by Anton D. Umali | Aug 27, 2013
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One thing is for sure: director Erik Matti knows how to choose his leading ladies. Not once have we seen a film by the forward filmmaker where we disapproved of his fairer-sex casting.

We’ve been fans of Direk Erik ever since he put a then-nubile Joyce Jimenez at the forefront of provocation via Scorpio Nights 2. Then there was Prosti with Aubrey Miles, and Dos Ekis with Rica Peralejo. In last year’s highly entertaining Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles, he made a pregnant Lovi Poe into a shotgun-carrying, monster-slaying lassie and turned LJ Reyes into a demon bitch from hell. FHM cover girl Yam Concepcion’s emotionally charged debut in 2012 sexual thriller Rigodon was also a feast for the senses. Seems like we share the same taste in women, direk.

On the Job, his most recent effort, is no different.

The crime drama tells a tragic tale of survival and corruption, brewing in Manila’s seedy underbelly. “Tatang” Mario (the effortless Joel Torre) and Daniel (FHM coverman Gerald Anderson) are professional breakneck hit men, hired by crooked politicians to finish off rivals and loose ends. The catch: They’re already convicts, given freedom to execute the job and are sent right back to the joint post-murder. NBI agent Francis (Piolo Pascual) and Officer Acosta (Joey Marquez) are men on the right side of the law, attempting to solve the growing number of political killings. Check out the trailer here. (We also previously ballyhooed Esquire's cover story on the film, here!)

The neo-noir thriller–illuminated by the neon-lit backstreets of a squalid city–is a tale about the decisions of men. It’s got guns, action, car chases, conspiracies, and sex. Let’s just say, it’s a guy film. And like any guy film, there has got to be some gorgeous women in there, driving these men to do the things they do. So here, we give you a taste of the ladies of On the Job. Some of them are sweet. All of them are sexy. And others–just as in real life–can be quite dangerous.

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