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We Break Down The 'X-Men:Dark Phoenix’ Trailer So You Don't Have To

Sophie Turner is on fire!
by FHM Staff | Sep 27, 2018
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The trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix was just released and there is definitely a lot to unpack. If you haven’t seen it yet, catch it right here:

Now before anything else, what is immediately apparent with the trailer is that the narration is the one that strings it together. Whether the voiceover reveals the story accurately or is misleading us down a false path is for you to decide.

First Day High

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The scene opens with a young Jean Grey entering the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Originally, Jean was one of the founding members of the X-Men along with Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman. You can hear Jean ask Professor X, “You think you can fix me?” to which he replies, “Jean, you are not broken.” This exchange seems to hint at the idea that even Jean suffered from the early idea that mutation is an aberration that must be cured.

For Her Own Good

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“The mind is a fragile thing. It takes only a tap to tip it in the wrong direction,” Professor X narrates as footage of Jean undergoing a procedure is shown. In the comics, Professor X put up psychic barriers in Jean’s mind to help her control her ability until she was strong enough to handle them. In the trailer, Mystique answers questioning Charles’ decision.

A Tragic Accident

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Flashback to a young Jean and her family in a car. It seems to show that she, presumably unable to control her powers yet, was responsible for the accident that killed them—which would explain why she looks at her powers negatively.

Looking For Answers

Jean visits Magneto, maybe because she has grown tired of Professor X’s methods or feels betrayed by him.

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A Stranger That Offers A Solution

Nothing much is known about Jessica Chastain’s character, Smith, other than she might be a shapeshifter. Rumors as to who she is have gone from her being Lilandra of the Shi’ar, to a Skrull, to Mastermind. In the trailer, she tells Jean that she doesn’t belong—which feels like she’s recruiting her for something.

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The Phoenix Rises

Could Charles telling Mystique that “She’s [Jean] changing,” mean that the Phoenix Force is taking over?

The Runaway

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Okay, so Jean definitely runs away from the mansion at some point, which is why the entire gang is out looking for her—in full costume.

F*ck The Police!

Jean is all riled up as she easily flips Police Car...and then a helicopter. Whether Jean's descent into confusion at this point is brought about by the Phoenix Force or something else is unclear. What is clear is that because of her immense power, the people around him are getting nervous.

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Where It All Began?

Here’s where we think the trailer is trying to pull a fast one on us. In the comics, the X-Men go on a space mission, which is where the Phoenix Force first senses Jean and realizes her potential. We think this scene is actually at the start of the movie instead of the tail end.

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Charles Senses The Power!

Hooked up to Cerebro, Professor X senses the Phoenix Force. Of all the mutants, Professor X is probably the one who clearly sees the true relationship between Jean and the Phoenix.

Choose Your Side

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Realizing what they're up against, it seems like the group has differing views on a solution. From the looks of it, Magneto, Beast, and two other mutants are out to put an end to the Phoenix at all costs.

While Professor X, Cyclops, Storm, and Nightcrawler have not given up trying to save her [Jean]. 

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The Dark Phoenix!

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It looks like this is the point where the Phoenix Force merges with Jean Grey. Magneto can be heard saying “I’ve seen evil, and I’m looking at it now,” as a voiceover. Of course, this is probably from a different part of the movie, but it nonetheless hints at his view on whether the Phoenix is a friend or foe.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set to come out February 6, 2019


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