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World War Z: Tracing The Zombie Hierarchy

Here's a mini-Pokedex for the undead
by Anton D. Umali | Jun 21, 2013
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If like us here at FHM HQ, you’re obsessed with decapitation, the undead, and the macabre, then there’s no doubt you’ve also taken a bite at the zombie phenomenon that’s infecting popular culture.

Film, television, videogames, and even comic books have spawned an array of zombie archetypes: there are walkers, biters, crawlers, and the worst, hyper-fueled runners capable of inducing nerve-wracking panic in even the most composed. So in the wake of World War Z (and the growing obsession with creepy corpses), we’ve decided to profile different movie zombies that have had their fair share of making us wary of turning off the lights. If you think we’ve left any of them six feet under, share your thoughts in the comments box below.


Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Characterized by: Prototypical slow-moving corpses with arms raised forward as they groan and grunt to signal their hunger for you fresh flesh.

Chance of survival: These zombies started it all. Born from the twisted mind of horror master George A. Romero, the first mindless starving former-human-turned-creature-of-the-night was pegged to be like your ancient grandpa: always looking for something to eat while sluggish and always gnawing for more.


Evil Dead (1981)

Characterized by: Zombies in this one come courtesy of demonic possession brought about by a hellish recording of an ancient incantation. They’re violent and taunt and tease their victims before murdering them with various cabin-in-the-woods paraphernalia.

Chance of survival: Force Satan’s hench-spirit out of its host and maybe you might just have a chance. A chainsaw, as the movie’s protagonist brandished, is also a handy decapitator.


28 Days Later (2002)

Characterized by: The Rage Virus isn’t exactly a run-off-the-mill airborne flu. It’s a plague that originated in monkeys and was released by pesky animal rights activists. The Rage-infected turn ultra-violent, ready to sever and devour those yet to encounter the virus’s effects for themselves. The scariest thing about these mofos: they run, and run fast.

Chance of survival: If you’ve got some skills with a melee weapon like a katana or steel baseball bat, whack away because these relentless pursuers won’t back down.


Resident Evil (2002)

Characterized by: Traditional in zombie characteristics as portrayed in the videogame they were pulled from. More Night of the Living Dead than 28 Days Later…till you bump into the zombie canine hybrids, then your ass is toast.

Chance of survival: Guns and a lot of bullets will up your chances of avoiding the chance of becoming zombie dinner. Aim and shoot wisely, because as most zombie fanatics know, bullets are sacred.

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