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11 Superhero Movie Couples Who Kick Ass In Their Relationships

Put on your masks and change into your spandex right now
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jun 28, 2018
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In a week, Marvel Studios is hitting theaters again with their superhero-tandem film Ant-Man and the Wasp. But this isn’t the first time a superhero couple is going to be featured on the big screen, working side by side to defeat the baddies. Many have come before them, but this pairing might just be the biggest one.

This may be unique in the movie world, but it isn’t in real life. It’s funny if you think about how superhero couples go through the same world-stopping dilemmas as regular human beings. If they can outsmart and outpunch there way through it, then so can we. Pro-tip: prepare a small budget for the emergency room.

To know the tips and tricks of the trade, we’ve listed down eleven superhero movie couples and what you can learn from them. Put on your masks and change into your spandex right now.

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Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

Even though they’re not traditional comic book superheroes, we had to include Bob and Helen Parr. These two are reflective of real parents who have to work at their relationship as a couple and as a family. Then put midlife crises on top of that, and we're sure we'll implode, too. But those are the most important qualities they have. These superheroes can reflect our own lives aside from being a form of entertainment.

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What we can learn: Role switching can actually be a healthy practice in your relationship to understand what each other goes through on a daily basis. Keep in mind how hard it is to be in the other person's shoes before you slap it across their face again *wink wink*.

Vision and Scarlet Witch

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You know what, we're just gonna go ahead and say it, Vision nailed it. Not like that. Or maybe like that, too. Thing is, Vision is a lucky man-droid to get a powerful gorgeous woman to be his girlfriend. These two are literally the ultimate power couple. To what extent do the combined forces of Vision and Scarlet Witch's powers go? We might never know.

What we can learn: Women love machines (and robots) more than men because those things can give them what they need when they need it the most. When they can't anymore, they let a titan kill the robot and just find another one.

Batman and Catwoman

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A fan-favorite romance, the mutual charm between Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle has been boiling for decades (aw, old people in love), with the justice-passionate Batman relentlessly attempting to reform Catwoman, and the impetuous thief in the night seductively encouraging the Caped Crusader to take a stab at walking on the wild side.

Who could forget the iconic Tim Burton movie, Batman Returns? It was amazing how Selena acted a little different from her latex-dressing alter ego. The same can be said about Bruce Wayne and his dark knight persona.

What we can learn: When role-playing, don't break character! Also, easy on the whips.

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman

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You can argue that this isn't the best franchise in the world, but that can't change the fact that Reed Richards and Sue Storm are #goals. Who would've thought that a man who can stretch himself to limitless length (yep, we went there) and a woman who can disappear before your eyes would actually work out? Not to mention having a son who can warp reality! Where did that kid come from anyway?

What we can learn: You don't need to see her to do your thing. Go long, bro!

Black Panther and Nakia

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We think Black Panther and Nakia are not meant to last. Sure, T'Challa's torpe demeanor looks so adorable and that won Nakia's heart. But given that one of them is a king who sneaks out at night to beat up bad guys and one is a spy who infiltrates bad guy operations, they're bound to sneak out and find other people, too. But if we're being honest, that's some kinky roleplaying we wouldn't mind trying out.

What we can learn: Sneak out of the relationship through the back door. She's only loyal to the throne and whoever sits on it. 

Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II

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Probably owning the title of "hottest scene" in superhero movie history, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II kick butts with no actual powers. Pure skill and athleticism make them a force to be reckoned with, especially when they're battling foes together.

What we can learn: Having sex with a friend is okay. Getting into a more serious relationship with a friend is even better. But having sex and getting into a serious relationship with a friend who already has a boyfriend is a no-no (especially if that boyfriend is a god who could end the world if he wanted to). 


Hulk and Black Widow

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Their relationship may be in an awkward phase right now, but we're hoping Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff get out of that rut. As seen in the second Avengers movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, we finally understand what connects them to each other: they're both monsters in their own way. Aside from the fact that only Natasha can bring Bruce out of being the Hulk, she was the one who pushed Bruce into a pit so he'd hulk-up. If that isn't special, we don't know what is.

What we can learn: Get you a girl who's willing to do anything to hulk you up and get that mean green machine going. Yes, what you're thinking is exactly what we mean.

Cyclops and Phoenix

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This duo makes a great team primarily because Jean Grey gets into people's heads and Scott Summers looks at people with his godawful eyes and they die. Freaky powers, if you ask us. They managed to keep the relationship strong until Phoenix had her mutant period and became the Dark Phoenix and killed Cyclops. Yey for Wolvie!

What we can learn: Stay away from your girl when she's in a crazy, fiery mood. Don't try to be a hero. It'll get you killed.

Captain America and Peggy Carter

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She may not be a superpowered soldier like her man, but Peggy Carter can kick your ass and still leave you in awe of how amazing she is. Her classic love story with Cap is one for the history books, like, literally. Both were tough as nails, but always had a soft spot for each other.

What we can learn: Age matters! Especially if she has a hot great-niece that wants you. Go get her, soldier!

Star Lord and Gamora

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Despite ruining the only chance the Avengers had at defeating Thanos, we can't help but feel for Peter Quill aka Star Lord. He worked hard through two Guardians of the Galaxy movies to get the disinterested green woman to like him, eventually leading into an uncertain phase where they liked each other. It wasn't always perfect, and was honestly pretty funny at times when the two exchanged witty quips. 

What we can learn: Working hard to date a girl with daddy issues is totally worth it. It goes a looooong way, too! Probably around five movies across two franchises.

Joker and Harley Quinn

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Okay, they're not heroes, nor are they super, but what's really different between the good guys and the bad guys when it comes to love? They'd do even the worst for their significant other. These two just turn it up to 10000000x crazier.

Given that these two didn't have enough time on screen, it's safe to say that when they need to, they'll blow up anyone's ass in the name of bad romance. Both are sociopaths who are really just trying to survive. Many have tried to separate them before, no one's gonna try and do that now.

What we can learn: Long showers together in a vat of toxic waste is good for the skin. It gives you a pale white complexion and leaves your lips all red for unli-makeouts.

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