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This 3-Minute Clip Will Refresh Your Memory Of The Entire 'Star Wars' Saga

A must-watch for everyone who needs a refresher before the big movie hits next week!
by Levy Mariano | Dec 9, 2015
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Ah yes, Star Wars. Everyone's favorite sci-fi series. And just a couple days from now, the new movie shall land, and geeks the world over shall be given new reasons to live. We are one of those geeks, and we dearly await the December 17 big-screen debut of the Force Awakens.

But what if you need a refresher? It's been a long while since we've caught any SW movie so we all could use one. Unfortunately, we don't have 13 hours the time to re-watch all the older movies. Fortunately, YouTube user "Eclectic Method" has us covered. He has published a video that recaps all the just three minutes.



Watch it now!

Man, on the flipside, the clip has just made the wait even harder to bear. Awaken soon, Star Wars. Awaken soon.

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