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This 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Parody Will Ruin Your Childhood

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy get kinky!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 12, 2016
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Fifty Shades of Grey parodies have been rampant ever since the release of the first movie. And it seems like no one can escape the insane recreations the racy film has inspired. The trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, the second installment in the franchise, is gaining a lot of traction on the internet, which means that people can expect more of these comedic interpretations of the steamy film. 

Just recently, YouTuber Darth Blender released a two-minute long spoof entitled Fifty Shades of Muppets, starring Miss Piggy as Anastasia Steele and Kermit the Frog as Christian Grey. It features clips from different Muppet movies, combined together to mimic the original Fifty Shades trailer.

As you'd expect, the trailer contains scenes that are NSFW. Make sure no one's around before you click play.

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