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This is How You Drink!

<p>Grad's here. Let's have some beer.</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 29, 2011
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It's the last week of March. By now, most of our graduating FHM brothers have already graduated. If you're not of the collegiate crowd, why there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. It's still FHM Philippines' birthday month. So parties have begun. They show no signs of stopping. The best we can do, really, is to aid this fun, and make sure it hits 11. How do we do that? We consult with party experts Sober Club.

Sober Club is a mobile bar that serves booze like no other. "We are a complete party package," says Sober Club co-owner Jenny Maagma. "We entertain. We serve fun." Armed with an 8-foot bar, an artillery of 70-drink strong, Sober Club will make sure you get all the fun you deserve.

They mean serious fun. So believe you us when we tell you that Sober Club is not for the faint hearted. It is not for the party rookie. While you know your way around beer, you may want to review your party alcohol skills. And because this is not your ordinary inuman—dude, tis a party!— you might want to escalate your fun and have something other than beer.

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Of course we won't suggest debauchery and let you go on your own. That's why we spoke with Sober Club on tips and such for a rocking party. Check out the gallery and wake that party animal in you that's long been dormant.


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