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Trailer Spotting: March 22, 2013

More movies to watch out for this summer!
by Anton D. Umali | Mar 22, 2013
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FHM trailer spotting for March 22, 2013

As the blistering heat heightens, it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood summer blockbuster fare starts to invade theaters. But before all the caped crusaders and multiple explosions start to litter the Cineplex, it would be best to wean your movie addiction on the plethora of flicks that will close the month of March and usher in the sweet sweltering roast of April’s summer sun.

Listed below are the trailers of said films, variety coming in the form of aliens, prehistoric families, magicians, soldiers, a slew of chicks, and another Sarah G-John Lloyd pair up. Time to sequester the ladylove for it’s going to be another entertaining night at the movies.


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Trailer spotting The Host


Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger,
Directed by: Andrew Niccol


What’s going on: From the looks of things, it seems that an alien race has invaded Earth. A girl is possessed by some parasitic being as a nasty love triangle takes place. There’s a lot of action as helicopters, car chases, and guns are fired. But then we’re informed that the same lonely housewife that unleashed the pop culture demon that was The Twilight Saga on this godforsaken planet wrote the book this movie is based on. We want our money back.

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 Why see it: Aside from helming the production, prolific sci-fi director Andrew Niccol is credited as a screenwriter. Though extraterrestrial angst-filled young love may be the new tween craze, seeing Diane Kruger in a form-fitting jumpsuit may very well be worth the price of a movie ticket.

 Showing: March 30, 2013


The Croods trailer spotting


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Starring: The voices of Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, and Ryan Reynolds
Directed by: Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders

What’s going on: A Paleolithic papa constantly reprimands a rugged cave chick for being interested in the unknown. There’s also an annoyingly cute grandma who never seems to bite the dust despite being older than a fossil. They’re thrown out of their comfort zone when an avalanche destroys their home, forcing them to explore a colorful world filled with weird creatures and much more evolved Homo sapiens.

 Why see it: Prehistoric parenting just might be the answer to a hot and boring Sunday. Plus, if you still aren’t sick of Emma Stone’s husky voice, this is where all her throaty glory takes light.

Showing: March 22, 2013


The Incredible Burt Wonderstone trailer spotting

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Starring: Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, and Jim Carrey
Directed by: Don Scardino

 What’s going on: A pair of magicians (Carell and Buscemi) dressed like Siegfried and Roy are threatened when a Criss Angel-like (meaning long-haired, scruffy, and oozing of douchebaggery) newcomer (Carrey) penetrates the scene. There’s a trick about hot coal and holding in piss. Then Carell’s character searches for wisdom from an older magic man. Oh look, it’s Olivia Wilde!

 Why see it: It would be interesting to see Carell and Carrey again as rivals, the way they were in the original Bruce Almighty.

 Showing: March 20, 2013


NEXT: A testosterone-filled flick, another JLC-SG pairing, and a classic celebrated in 3D!

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