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United 93

<font size="1">Based on a real-life 9/11 horror story.</font><br />
| Jun 1, 2006
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Cast: J.J. Johnson, Gary Commock, Polly Adams
It’s a 90-minute flight hijacked, with 40 passengers on board. The plane’s the last one remaining among the four liners, the three others have reached their premeditated targets—a plot, we all agree, fit for the big screen. But it did happen on that nerve-racking day that is September 11. United 93 takes us through the 9/11 events in real time, a fussy re-enactment of the vile day that has sent the world into instant paranoia frenzy.

- The actors who played the terrorist hijackers and the actors who played the passengers and crew on the flight were kept in separate hotels during filming. They likewise did not eat meals together. This was so that the director could capture the separation, fear and hostility between the antagonists and protagonists.

- A percentage of the opening weekend proceeds were donated to the Flight 93 memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

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- In the beginning of the movie, when we see a hurried passenger trying to get through the security check, he takes his pocket change out of his pocket and puts int on top of the scanner, the next shot, the money is gone and there's a purple tray instead.

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