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<p>He can be a pirate if he fails</p>
| Oct 31, 2008
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Who: Tom Cruise (one-eyed patriot), Bill Nighy (Euro general), Tom Wilkinson (Observer), Carice Van Houten (faithful), David Bamber (Hail O’ Fuhrer)

What’s it about? Based on an untold true story during the height of WWII, Nazi Col. Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) believes in his own sense of justice and decides to take the course of his war tormented country in his own hands with one major solution – assassinate Adolf Hitler (David Bamber). Conspiring with the German resistance, they plot a plan within the shadows of the German militia and test the loyalty of the Swastika- waving army. Sparking a silent revolt within Nazi troops and dipping further to treason, Stauffenberg now faces a spiraling life of trust and betrayal, and gambles the safety of his own life and family in exchange for his belief and ideals.

What’s good about it? Well, if action movie for you is mind games rather than the massive raining of ammunition and bloodless corpses, “Valkyrie” may tickle your Games of the General craving brains. With its thrilling turn of events, you’ll never know who made the first step and who’ll be having the last laugh. There’s also the free History crash course.

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What’s bad about it? While it is a war movie, Valkyrie leans toward intelligence rather than blood and guts. Expect long argumentative conversations and less gun fire.

The verdict: With the story circling in a dramatic conspiracy, you’ll probably get hooked on guessing who’s going to be the Judas for Cruise. Plus, that eye-patch on him maybe had gone too much.


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