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The First-Ever Trailer Of 'Warcraft' Movie Adaptation Looks Incredible!

If the trailer is any indication, the 'Warcraft' movie just might be the best of next year's summer blockbusters.
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 9, 2015
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The first-ever trailer for the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the videogame series, Warcraft, was released on Legendary Pictures' YouTube channel last November 6, 2015:

If the trailer is any indication, the movie is, indeed, looking legendarily legit. We typically temper our excitement over videogame-movie adaptations simply because there hasn't been one that has blown our minds the same way that comic book-movie adaptations have. The Warcraft movie, based on Blizzard Entertainment's classic humans-vs-orcs real-time strategy series, just might change that. 

First of all, the movie is being produced by Legendary Pictures, the company that made Christopher Nolan's game-changing Dark Knight trilogy. Based on that alone, we're hoping that the movie does to videogame adaptations what it once did for comic book movies. Adding to our confidence is the fact that Duncan Jones is directing the movie. The English director might not have the big-name cachet that Nolan has but his works speak for themselves. His 2009 debut film, Moon, has an 89-percent net rating on while the Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer, Source Code, has a 92-percent net rating. Both are sci-fi flicks; we're hoping that the director's sensibilities translate in Warcraft's medieval fantasy world. 

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This world seems very promising, and reminds us of LOTR's Middle Earth and its "Uruk-hai." But unlike the Tolkien classic, the orcs in Warcraft appear to be more nuanced. The orcs in Warcraft aren't just mindless war-hungry animals; there's also a faction fighting for harmonic coexistence with humans. The humans are divided in a similar way: one faction wants all-out war against the beastly orcs while another seeks more diplomatic means. 

Which faction wins? We'll have to wait until June 2016 to find out. (Yes, buddy, we've got a number of months to count before it screens.)

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