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9 Ways To Get Kathryn Bernardo To Date You (According To She's Dating The Gangster)

The KathNiel power duo has a new movie, and along with it: a new batch of techniques to make Kathryn Bernardo fall for us!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 2, 2014
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In two weeks, the newest Kathryn Bernardo-Daniel Padilla money machine movie, She’s Dating The Gangster, breaks into cinemas to the tune of a million shrieking teen girls.

In Daniel Padilla’s heart, however, only one matters: Kathryn Bernardo. And in the film, Daniel Padilla again channels his inner Robin Padilla to get Kathryn to fall in love with him—proving that bad boys with a taste for bandanas and sleeveless shirts land the most beautiful girls.

We’re basically nerds here at FHM HQ, so we figured we could learn a thing or two in the art of gangster-hood from the kind of gangster that Kathryn fancies. Here are some lessons we took away from watching SDTG’s trailer!

1)   Don't forget: it’s all about the fashion

Because nothing says gangster as much as a bandana and AC/DC sando combo.

2)   Get your friends to wear essentially the same thing

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Remember: You’re a unique butterfly who knows not the meaning of the word conformity. Individuality rocks!

3)   Brush off any pain caused by stuff thrown at you

Real gangsters ain’t scared of no books!

4)   Give her a final glance she won’t forget

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Let the eyes smolder, would-be gangsters!

5)   Get into a street fight and tell her that you were only defending your mother’s honor

 Let the bruises swell, and prepare a convincing paawa face. Make use of the power of sympathy!

NEXT: Pa-cool shirts, basketball skills, and learn the art of santong paspasan! 

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