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We Break Down The 'Captain Marvel' Trailer So You Don't Have To

It looks like the MCU's first female lead is set to kick some serious box-office ass!
by FHM Staff | Sep 19, 2018
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Marvel just dropped the official trailer for Captain Marvel last night and it definitely did not disappoint. Although we knew the trailer was coming, thanks to Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, giving us a heads up:   

we weren't quite prepared for how awesome it would be. Frankly, we thought that it would be a straight-up origin story of how Carol Danvers becomes Captain Marvel. But judging from what we can decipher from the trailer, the directors seem to be approaching it from a different angle. 

What's in it? Well, there are space battles, cosmic powers, Aliens, a young Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, and even a Blockbuster! The trailer has it all. But in typical Marvel fashion, the editing is careful not to reveal anything definite. Nonetheless, it won't stop us from sifting through the details of the trailer to make our bold predictions and ask our burning questions. 

The trailer begins with an explosion where we see Captain Marvel's ship plummeting down to Earth right smack into a Blockbuster—which quickly establishes the movie's '90s timeline.

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We then see Carol Danvers walk away from the rubble, roaming in what looks like a subway platform. She seems confused with it all as Nick Fury narrates via voiceover implying that he (and SHIELD) knows about her crashing down to Earth. 

A shot of what looks like an alien (Skrull?) is being dissected on an operating table with Nick Fury on one side and another gentleman on the other—could it be Coulson or Talos, the Skrull leader played by Ben Mendelsohn, in disguise? We're betting on Talos. 

A spaceship (which many are saying is an earlier version of the Quinjet) is squaring off against an alien craft that has just come out of its de-cloaking mode. Is it Captain Marvel herself piloting the craft and who exactly is she facing—the Kree, the Skrulls?

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LOOK: It's Carol on top of a train showing her energy blasts for the first time, which means she already has her powers.

Carol tells Nick Fury that she can't explain why she seems to have memories from Earth as a montage of her time as an Airforce pilot and as a kid playing baseball sequentially appears. It looks like instead of simply narrating her origin story chronologically, it will be revealed through flashbacks.

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This sequence of shots seems to be when Carol gets her powers. She gets knocked down in front of what looks like an alien spaceship, while still wearing her Airforce uniform (which is why we think she's still 'of Earth' at this point).

Her hand is then shown with a spark, which looks to indicate that she now has powers. It's a slight deviation from her comic book origin since we don't see Mar-Vell anywhere—but then again, we only have a snapshot of the entire scene.

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Danvers as a member of the elite Kree military team, Starforce.

Could Mar-Vell be an imposter and actually a Skrull?

Either the Skrulls have infiltrated us more than we expected or she really wants that seat.

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Ronan, is that you?

This is Coulson looking good doing his best David Caruso impression:

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Captain Marvel looks ready to kick some serious alien butt!

Captain Marvel is set to come out March 8, 2019. Watch the Full trailer below.


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