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What's Your Number?: 7 of our Favorite Movie Blondes

Gotta like them blondes
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 6, 2011
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In What’s Your Number, Ally Darling (Anna Faris) is too sweet to be branded a slut nor is she an uptight conservative. But she’s had her fun. To put a number on it, she’s had 19 sexual partners, which according to a magazine in the movie, is one below the limit a woman can have before she’s deemed unmarriageable.

Of course she believes this to be absolute truth. She then promises to abstain from any more sex until she finds... The One. And of course, she breaks that vow faster than you can say “dumb blonde.”

She gets drunk, wakes up with dude number 20, and thinks she’s done for. Unless, of course: the exes. With the help of new neighbor Colin (Chris Evans), they track down Ally’s wild, wacky collection of lovers past, and begins her quest for Mr. Right.

Sounds just like another one of those rom-coms, right? Well maybe because it is. But we’ve had fantasies over Anna Faris ever since that time she washed a car in The House Bunny, so seeing her is always a treat. It’s great too that her comedic timing is as spot on as ever.

You know who else we don’t ever tire of Googling for from time to time? These seven movie blondes who we can only wish were our “lovers past.”

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