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Where the Wild Things Are

<p>Nope, this isn't the sequel to Neve Campbell and Denise Richards' 1998 <em>Wild Things</em></p>
| Feb 4, 2010
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First of all, let’s just make it clear: This movie isn’t a sequel to Neve Campbell and Denise Richards’ 1998 thriller movie Wild Things. But don’t fret just yet because Where the Wild Things Are is a compelling watch. [firstpara] Even without scenes of hapless boobs trapped under wet white shirts.

Where The Wild Things Are is a tale about a boy who wanders off to a land of imaginary landscapes and fantastic creatures, after realizing that the real world isn’t all flowers and butterflies.

It’s a tale that should easily resonate in all of us, because at one time, weren’t we all just a bunch of raggedy rascals trying to get our parents' attention with a drawing, and end up getting totally ignored? In the movie, the boy experiences the same, and it is only in his made-up world that he finds the satisfaction of being the center of attention—a pint-sized king, if you will.

Based on Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s book of the same title, the movie succeeds in luring the inner child out of us with its wonderfully imaginative visuals.

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The landscape feels familiar yet maintains that dreamy texture at the same time. The fantastic creatures are fleshed out using a combination of old-school and new techniques including costumes, animatronics and CGI.

Given that the original book contained only nine sentences, it’s really amazing how Spike Jonze, the director, was able to fully translate the book’s intentional sparseness into a sprawling, living fantasy world.

Also, the movie’s story unfolds briskly, much like the imagination of a 9-year old, with its tale of discovery and growth banking on its own simplicity. Its lack of overcomplicated twists and turns allows its themes to shine through even brighter than expected.

After having said that, what we have here is a movie that offers you a nice trip back to a time when all that mattered were crayons and scribbly doodles.

It might not be as action-packed as other kids movies geared toward those with ADHD, but this movie proves that sometimes, a simple tale is more than enough.

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