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GEEK QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which Superhero Is Richer: Batman Or Iron Man?

The Dark Knight's helmet alone is worth more than what most of us will earn in a lifetime.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 5, 2015
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Yesterday, we revealed how rich is everyone's favorite womanizer on TV, Barney Stinson.

Now, we compare two of the richest badasses in superhero circles, Batman and Iron Man!

The Dark Knight is infamous for using his inheritance money on toys designed to make life hell for Gotham evildoers. On the other hand, Iron Man, is infamous for, well, using his inheritance money on toys designed to make life hell for Middle Eastern terrorists/haters of the Avengers. Essentially, they're more or less the same if you can ignore the fact that Batman is emo, hoarse-sounding, and moody while Iron Man is the egregiously charming life-of-the-party.

But who's richer? Unfortunately for these superheroes (and Pareng Barney), their net worth is something they haven't been able to hide from the scariest enemy of all: the Internet.

First, let's take a look at Batman's financial files:

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Of the pieces in Batman's armored suit, the most expensive part is his cowl, valued at $1,000,000. That's one ridiculously expensive helmet. Yet, compared to Stark's full metal jacket, the Batsuit feels like something you'd find in an ukay-ukay.

Check out Tony's expenses:

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What do we glean from all of this? We have a few things in mind.

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1)   One Iron Man suit is equivalent to about 104 Batsuits. Each Batsuit costs $1,058,600 while each Iron Man suit set Tony Stark back by $110,302,000. Take that, Wayne Enterprises.

2)   Batman, however, has the more expensive vehicle fleet, with his motorcycle, car-tank, and heli-jet putting the tab at $80,000,000. Stark's impressive (but relatively cheap) fleet rounds out at a total of $3,415,000. Wayne - 1, Stark - 1.

3)   Here's another area where Wayne trumps Stark: residential choices. Wayne's castle-like Wayne Manor (secret Bat-cave included) cost Wayne a whopping, $600,000,000 to rebuild. To match that figure, Stark would have to build 24 of his cliff-side residenzia, with each costing just $25,000,000. Wayne - 2, Stark - 1

4)   Batman makes use of a wealth of expensive gadgets. Three "Batarangs" cost about $1,000 and three of his throwing stars cost the same. That's a lot of money to be throwing around. On his expenses list, he also has a $250 "encrypted memory stick" which suspiciously sounds like a government employee trying to make a $10 USB stick more expensive than it actually is. All in all, Batman spends $223,610 on weapons and gadgetry.

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Stark's expenditures dwarf those digits. With cutting-edge arc reactors, gold-and-titanium exoskeleton suits, and repulsor jet packsall sounding legitimately expensiveStark spends about $10,000,000 on his toys.

We are tied: Wayne - 2, Stark - 2.

5)   Here comes the clincher. All in all, it takes $1.61 billion to be Iron Man, while it "only" takes less than half of that to be Batman$682,450,750 to be exact.

backs this monetary gulf between the two as well as they estimate Bruce Wayne's net worth at $6.9 billion while Tony Stark has $9.3 billion. Still, as Barney Stinson used to say, that's a lot of "crapload" for both gentlemen.

Know who makes Stark and Wayne look like a pauper though? The Hobbit's Smaug, who literally has a mountain full of gold, which Forbes has valued at an amount that would make Warren Buffett's penis hard: $56 billion.

With that, we leave you with Smaug's message to Batman and Iron Man:

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