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Russia Has Its Own Superheroes—And They Have An Ensemble Movie!

...which also stars Leonardo DiCaprio's worst nightmare
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 18, 2016
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With the boom of ensemble superhero movies (The Avengers series, Suicide Squad, and even Batman v Superman), one would figure that sooner or later, other countries will hop on the hype train and come out with their own.

Russia seems to be the first to have taken a hint, releasing a trailer of the 2017 opus, Zaschitniki (Guardians) recently.


To no one's surprise, the film is about a fallen nation (Soviet Union) and a group of genetically augmented humans who only has patriotism in their minds. And that—element-based DNA modification—is where the fun and awesomeness starts.

When the good guys are consist of a lady version of Marvel's Hydro-Man, a serious Speed-o'-Sound Sonic (One Punch Man), and an Earthbender, Zaschitniki can easily be dismissed as a total Marvel rip-off. A glimpse at the action-packed trailer, though, proves otherwise.

As for the squad's last member, we leave it to you to discover and be in utter awe of him:

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Here's hoping it won't end up like the 2016 Golden Raspberry Awards runaway "winner" Fantastic Four...


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