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Why It’s Okay to Watch Magic Mike

Nope, this ain't a Like Mike sequel
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 12, 2012
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Magic Mike is a movie about strippers. Male strippers. In case you want us to expound: dudes who make a living by shaking their butt cheeks, flexing their biceps, making their pectorals twitch, and gyrating their impossibly toned midsection.

While some of you might not have even made it past “Male strippers,” (or even clicked into this article), we’ll now try a little exercise. We’ll try looking past the gyrations, past the fleshy exterior, past everything that makes you go “Kadiri, a movie about male strippers,” and jot down a couple practical reasons to see it.

First off, is it any good? Presently, the film is holding its ground with the critics. The consensus: it’s not merely a vessel for tantalizing womanhood—although, yes, it definitely is that too. Which leads us to our first reason…

Your girlfriend’s watching it
While you’re having a good time at the 100 Sexiest Party, she will be having a party of her own. In a cinema. Watching Channing Tatum (the eponymous Magic Mike) dance. With all her sassy girl friends, possibly prodding her to replace you with someone as good-looking. Without you to douse some of that surging female-testosterone, and remind her how charming you are even without abs, she just might do it! Are we being totally insecure and paranoid? Why, yes! But you’ll never know, dude. And besides…

You have seen it all before, so don’t worry
You’ve already seen or, at the very least, are aware of Jersey Shore, Jacob in Twilight, or Taylor Kitsch in John Carter. The abject objectification of men in entertainment has been going on for quite a while now. Magic Mike is merely the exclamation point. At this point, we should just accept this fact, and you know, let ourselves be objectified.

Isn’t objectification bad?
Think about it. At least, we can focus less on being smart and funny and settle with being a lean, mean sit-up machine. In this regard, we can use Magic Mike as a motivational tool to better ourselves as men, and henceforth become beefcakes—all for the happiness of the fairer sex.

It’s directed by Steven Soderbergh
So here’s a reason that’s not ridiculous at all. Steven Soderbergh (Contagion, Ocean’s 11) has been praised for his work in the film. The material, inspired by Tatum’s stripper past, could have very well been nothing more than what we initially described it to be. With Soderbergh’s handling, the film turned out to be a smart, funny, and most importantly, honest look into this strange world that most of us wouldn’t even talk about. "Director Steven Soderbergh is working very near the top of his game here," says The Boston Globe.

You could learn a thing or two from Magic Mike
Village People moves aside, what makes the film work is the title character himself. A portrait of a man caught in the web of the American Dream, trying to make it big and fulfill a career goal, which in this case, is to someday, somehow fund his own furniture enterprise.  It just so happened that his means aren’t as cut-and-dry as wearing a suit and a necktie. Sounds just like most of us. Except most of us are in the office wearing a tie.

Now, are we urging you to become male strippers? We’re not stopping you, but, point is, maybe this Magic Mike movie might actually just have something to say!

Just one final bit of advice
Don't watch it alone, with your best pal, or without any female friends.

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