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The Wolf Of Wall Street And 9 Other Films That Said F*ck The Most In History

Leo DiCaprio is The Wolf Of Wall Street, and he says the f-word a whole lot!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 14, 2014
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If you’ve been following the Golden Globes recently (wherein we renewed our love for Jennifer Lawrence), you might have heard of a certain Leonardo DiCaprio winning an award.

Yes, the Titanic star bagged a best actor trophy in the show for his role in Martin Scorcese’s biopic-of-market-crashing proportions, The Wolf Of Wall Street. Showing on Wednesday, January 15, the sex-addled, drug-infused comedy follows the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort--celebrated stockbroker, recreational drug enthusiast, and all-out woman-lover. Celebrated for his massive triumphs in the stock market, Belfort falls prey to addiction and greed that comes with his decadent lifestyle, eventually leading him to jail.

Sounds like the rest of us?

Maybe, except for the part that not many of us will be played by DiCaprio--a role for which the actor has received some sizable praise. Calling it Scorcese's "funniest and most focused film," Damon Wise of Empire Online heaped good words for good ol' Leo: “DiCaprio is undoubtedly at his best here, completely in charge of his range and versatility.”

The partnership between Scorcese and DiCaprio, their fifth, has once again led to table-pounding approval around the industry...even if our main man Leo did get rejected with high heels by this woman:

If that picture is all it's drawn up to be, we'd probably be swearing as many times as the movie did.

The Wolf Of Wall Street, aside from being an award-nominated flick, has garnered a rather dubious accolade: it now holds the record for the most times the word "fuck" is said in a non-documentary movie.

It said it a total of 506 times. So, given the film's running time of 180 minutes, that's a rate of 2.83 FSPS ("fucks" said per second). That's a lot of FSPS.

It's not alone in that category, however, as there have been a lot of foul-mouthed films in the history of filmmaking so much so that one documentary even picked it up as a topic. Below, are countdown of the nine other flicks that make the Hall Of F-Bomb, along with The Wolf Of Wall Street.

1) Summer Of Sam (1999, Spike Lee)

What is it: A crime-thriller based on a 70s serial killer in New York named Son of Sam
How many f-bombs given: 435

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