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World War Z: Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team

Anti-zombie avengers, assemble!
by Anton D. Umali | Jun 19, 2013
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The undead can’t seem to stay in the grave as another zombiepocalypse flick, World War Z, infests cinemas for some crazy corpse action starting today. Based on the novel by Max Brooks, it stars golden boy Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a United Nations official who scopes the world for a cure to a growing plague that makes the dead rise and attack.

As the investigator, Lane must race against time before the world turns into a cesspool for the walking dead. Bust out the artillery: the guns, the helicopters, and the crowbar (really handy for killing zombies). Humanity’s existence is in the balance. And to aid Mr. Jolie in this war against evil itself, we’ve put together a crack team of movie heroes who could nick the planet of the impenetrably infected. Things are about to get bloody and brutal.

The Imbestigador
Gerry Lane

This much we can tell you about Gerry without spoiling the movie: he's very smart, a bit good at self-defense, and will do anything to protect his family. But don't expect him to blow zombie brains out though, he's a thinker (and a pretty good runner) and...oh, sorry for our rambling! We say just go watch World War Z now to see how good this zombie is!

The Exterminator

The Vietnam vet has enough experience as a soldier to rip as much undead throat needed for box office acclaim. He’s the man to draw first blood. If he can handle gun-toting, knife-wielding humans in the jungle, then crushing mindless zombies with his 'roid-raged biceps should be a walk in the park. Military training: a zombie's worst nightmare!  

The Weapons Specialist


Her experience with predatory extraterrestrials and heavy machinery should come in handy. Since dealing with strange, antagonizing creatures that want her for dinner is kind of passé, there’s no reason for her to buckle should an army of the brain-hungry come charging. With her knowledge of intergalactic weaponry, we can count on her to bring those huge guns and mech-suit and once again scream, “Get away from her you bitch!”

The Federale

Anyone who saw Danny Trejo as the titular character in director Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse production would understand why the mustached Mexican macho man would fit right into this team. Anyone who can rappel down a building using yet-to-be-severed intestines is definitely badass. A killer attitude coupled with intense fighting skills, we say, “Viva Machete!”   

The Dark Knight

With Bruce Wayne’s wealth of gadgets and crime fighting talents, the caped crusader would be an asset unlike any other. He’s dealt with Joker, Penguin, Two Face, and the rest of Gotham’s most infamous. Creepy corpses should be Bat-feed. Imagine the Batmobile, barreling down an avenue crawling with zombies, knocking each and every one of them out in a gore-fest of mutilation. Now that’s something we wouldn’t mind seeing.

NEXT: Wolverine, John McClane, Spock and Katniss join the fray

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