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What If WWE Superstars Took Over As The Avengers?

Captain Cena in the making?
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Nov 7, 2018
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John Cena sort of shook the interwebz (and the Marvel Universe) when he posted a photo of Captain America’s iconic shield on his Instagram without any caption as to what it means like he always does.

The post has garnered mixed reactions to John Cena hinting at the possibility of him replacing Chris Evans as the new leader of the Avengers. While some hated the idea of him tacking the stars and stripes hero and possibly ruining the legacy of the character and the MCU as a whole, others were keen on wanting to see Captain Cena go toe-to-toe against Thanos. That is if the purple titan can even see him. Get it?

While it may be too out of reach to even consider this a possibility, it’s always fun to add to the fan casting: what if WWE superstars took over the roles of the Avengers? Who would be the frontrunners to save the entire universe from a purple asshole with a ballsack chin?

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Black Widow - Becky Lynch

This is a no-brainer, really. Besides the similar fiery red hair, Becky Lynch and Black Widow have one big thing in common: they can dismantle anyone with their sick athleticism while still looking gorgeous and sexy.

Thor - Drew McIntyre

The Scottish Terminator easily takes the cake to replace Chris Hemsworth as The God of Thunder, Thor. With their uncanny similarities, it’s almost like Drew himself could’ve auditioned for the role back then despite not being blonde. But we’re not sure if Mjolnir can go up against Drew’s Claymore Kick.

Hulk - Brock Lesnar

We mean, who else? Sure, Braun Strowman can shave his ponytail and yell his name like he always does, but being the Hulk is a whole ‘nother, uhm, Beast. And just by looking at him, you’ll understand why Brock Lesnar earned that nickname.

Hawkeye - Sami Zayn

After much deliberation, we’ve ended up choosing Sami as our Hawkeye candidate for various reasons. He’s mostly underestimated, he’s a true underdog, and he shines best when he works with others. Oh, and he can crack jokes with the best of them.

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Iron Man - The Miz

Miz could be the closest thing to a Tony Stark that WWE has. The self-entitlement, the confidence, the looks, the classy outfits, everything, Miz has it all. But working an advanced-tech armor might not be his strong suit.


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