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WHO WINS: Cartoon X-Men Vs. Movie X-Men

With our X-Men hangover still swirling in our stomach, we revisit an old favorite of a cartoon series, and pit cartoon X-Men against their movie equivalent!
by Gelo Gonzales | May 27, 2014
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In the early '90sjust when we were growing out of our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles phase but before we got addicted to Ghost Fightera cartoon series emerged and gave us kids our first taste of mutants and Stan Lee-powered action. That cartoon was X-Men: The Animated Series. For five seasons (1992 to 1997), the grown-ups of today obsessively tuned in to it like they download do to Game Of Thrones now.

The recent release of the awesome time-traveling Terminator-meets-X-Men comic book flick X-Men: Days Of Future Past reminded us just how much that cartoon was a part of our childhood lives. Join us as we revisit it and compare the major characters from the new film to those old 2D toon favorites!

But not before we revisit one of the most memorable opening segments for a TV show:


And the actual two-episode "Days Of Future Past" arc of the animated series:

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Now let's get on with business, and pit these characters head-to-head with their movie versions!


Natural disposition

Cartoons: Always pissed, always ready to fight

Movie: Always ripped, always read to fight

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Acting range

Toons: "Wolverine, for this scene, I need you to act like you've just heard that your mom just died"

Movie: "Wolverine, for this scene, I need you to act like you're thinking about what to eat for dinner"

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Internal conflicts

Toons: Routinely bullies Cyclops

Movie: Sometimes gets into heated arguments with Professor X

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Wheelchair in use

Toons: Can fly over tables

Movie: Can't fly over tables

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Headache level

Toons: Really, really painful

Movie: Annoying but manageable

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Blue-light-on-face scene

Toons: Round and blue as if some prankster was pointing a flashlight at his bald head 

Movie: X-shaped; you know, to signify that he's Professor X, duh

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With helmet on

Toons: Intimidating and mysterious

Movie: Proud and arrogant

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With helmet off

Toons: The professor from Back To The Future if he had a ripped body and a face worthy to be on the cover of romance novels

Movie: Michael Fassbender

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Bonding moments with Professor X

Toons: Awkward and huggy. At the very least, they followed the man-rule of not looking at each other during a bro-hug.

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