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You Wouldn't Want To Mess With Gal Gadot In New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer

Get to know where the stunning superheroine came from
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 13, 2017
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Just when we're about to for the lack of Gal Gadot on our social media feed, Warner Bros. Pictures release the official 'Origin' trailer for Wonder Woman.

In the teaser, Diana Prince—the superheroine's alter ego—is shown in her early years as an Amazon princess, all the way to becoming the fabled female warrior. Also seen in the clip is the picturesque landscape of Themyscira, the island where Diana and her fellow Amazonians reside.

The surplus of fight sequences and a couple of lighthearted cuts have left us wishing for Wonder Woman to be screened sooner.


In the meantime, we have Gal's Instagram account to satisfy our longing for the comely demigoddess.

Wonder Woman hits theaters this June.


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