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How The Japanese Samurai Created The Jedi And Other Awesome Movie-Based Videos

New series on YouTube cinephile channel, CineFix, explains how George Lucas turned Japanese in order to craft his game-changing space opera series!
by Gelo Gonzales | May 22, 2014
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In this edition of YouTube Series Of The Week, we turn to the cinephiles and film geeks at CineFix, who have just begun a new series called "Film School'd." The series aims to inform the world on movie facts that only the most serious readers of Wikipedia film entries would probably know.

For their first webisode they choose a topic that's close to all nerdy hearts, you Star Wars geek, you: the origin of the word "Jedi," and also, a whole bunch of things on how Western films influenced Japanese films and how they, in turn, inspired Star Wars!

Even this dude was taken aback
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So if you thought "Jedi" was just some random word that popped up while George Lucas was taking a shower, well, think again, and be film school'd!


Best moments:

1) The moment you realize where the word "Jedi" comes from.

2) The moment you realize who George Lucas's idol is.

3) The moment you realize why Darth Vader's hat is shaped the way it is.

4) The moment you realize just how much the Japanese inspired Star Wars.

5) The moment you realize who really inspired C3pO and R2D2.

5) That awesome drawing hand, which helped keep our attention for seven whole minutes. SEVEN MINUTES ON ONE YOUTUBE VIDEO! PERSONAL RECORD! #MindBlown

The first entry to the series is promising, and we can't wait for future installments that we wish will discuss even more rip-off moments in Hollywood cinema where Quentin Tarantino's fondness for Uma Thurman came from. 

But with a new episode from Film School'd still a ways off, let's check out CineFix channel's extensive archive of movie geekery instead. We list our favorite videos below!

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1) Iron Man - 8-Bit Cinema


Cinefix has an ongoing series where they transform your favorite movies into videogames of the 8-bit kind. No fancy graphics in this one. Just a retrofied, gamified version of the biggest movies to hit theaters. That classic 8-bit Nintendo sound is awesome!

2) Kids Re-Enact Oscar Nominees

Kids always do things differently from adults. Read: They do everything cuter. So what happens when kids reenact the scenes from the Oscar nominees of the past year? Cuteness overload happens.

3) 9 Simpsons Facts To Satisfy The Biggest Fans

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