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YouTube Series Of The Week: If Movie Trailers Were 100% Honest, This Is How They'd Appear!

When movie trailers tell the truth, hilarity ensues
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 19, 2014
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In this edition of YouTube Series Of The Week, we use up all our free time binge-watching Honest Trailers from YouTube channel, Screen Junkies.

Honest Trailers, a series that regularly hits four to five million views per episode, recreates movie trailers of big movies in a way that would cause movie marketing departments to faint. While real movie trailers are designed to sell you the movie, HT gives you the real dirt in a really funny way.

Perhaps the only thing that these trailers have in common with real-world trailers is the epic, full-bodied voice of the movie voice-over guy who has boomed through almost every trailer in history. But enough talk; let's do a video comparison of the real thing and the Honest Trailers version before we sum it all up with our favorite HT episodes!

First, the real Batman And Robin trailer:

Now, the Honest Trailers version:

Spot the differences? Honest Trailers removes all the hype-y buzzwords that make us go, "I can't wait to see that movie," and replace it with a good dose of reality that makes us go, "Holy crap, Joel Schumacher really did have a weird fetish for tight leather costumes and Mr. Freeze puns!" 

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The series, which began in 2012, now spans 63 videos from present day favorites like Frozen to old-timey classics like Jurassic Park. From those 63 skits, we give you our eight favorite-st below. Check them out!


Real talk: "From the horse-faced director who starts shooting before finishing scripts, based on a cartoon designed to sell toys, comes a movie designed to sell toys"

What we've never noticed until now: Wow, Transformers really did have an absurd amount of product placement.


Real talk: "From director Christopher Nolan, who promised fanboy boners from whatever he touches, comes a gritty continuation of Batman and his ongoing battle with...throat cancer"

What we've never noticed until now: Christian Bale's eye wart.


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