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YouTube Series Of The Week: Super Power Beat Down

We've long been asking the question: Which superhero would win in a match? In this edition of YouTube Series of the Week, Super Power Beat Down answers that!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 3, 2014
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Back as kids, didn't we routinely spend whole afternoons debating about how long Eugene of Ghostfighter could fare against Goku? Or how Final Fantasy's Sephiroth would stand no chance against another Ghostfighter star, Vincent?

No real reason why they had to fight, we just wanted to see how their powers would fare against the other.

Back then, all we had was pure imagination. With the coming of crossover videogames like Marvel Vs. Capcom, we saw in action how these imaginary bouts would turn out. Now, with the web series "Super Power Beat Ddown," produced by the channel batinthesun since 2012, the nerdy tradition of staging prizefights between superheroes and villains from different fictional universes continues.

Like this one:

Super Power Beat Down gets big points for putting together fights that probably wouldn't ever happen in commercial form. Case in point: Episode number 3 featuring DC's Batman and Marvel's Wolverine.

Along with that, our favorites include the absurd matchup between Master Chief and Captain America, the bloody fight between Wolverine and Predator, and the godly duel between Superman and Thor. It's kind of like that Epic Rap Battle series, but this time the figures are walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.

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...and sometimes, they fling chains towards their opponent's noggin

For a webseries, Super Power Beat Down's acting, production value, and action are massively commendable. The actual debate in the start of every video also reminds us of those days when we could settle these fights with nothing but our own passion for whichever character we thought would be better.

Panday Vs. Kratos, anyone? In the meantime, here are some of our favorite episodes.


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