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'Ghost Fighter' OVA Screenshots Are Out—We Have Some Questions

What's up with everyone having short hair?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 1, 2018
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A few months after news of the OVA came out, more key visuals for the Yu Yu Hakusho—known as Ghost Fighter around these parts—anime special have been revealed.

It will be part of the cult classic's 25th Anniversary Blu-ray, which includes the "final Demon World arc," according to Comic Book. Yu Yu Hakusho's OVA will tell two stories: "Two Shots" is about Dennis (Kurama) and Vincent's (Hiei) first meeting, while "All Or Nothing" covers the second-to-last chapter of the original manga by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Ghost Fighter will always hold a special place in the hearts of Filipinos, especially those who grew up during the afternoon anime boom when it first aired on IBC, then GMA. Whether recalling it's Eugene's (Yusuke) iconic "Ray Gun" or Alfred's (Kuwabara) antics, local viewers have fond memories of the adventure-comedy-supernatural series. That's why we can't help but react strongly to some of the stills that looked a bit odd from what we remember.

What the hell happened to Eugene's hair?

When did Alfred's weapon, the Spirit Sword, become the Spirit Arm?

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Is this screenshot the only one faithful to the source material?

Since when did Vincent's third eye start glowing?

Are you sure this isn't the hentai version?

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Is this Jenny?

Where did the rest of Dennis' long locks go?

Does Dennis really look better with a cleaner cut?

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What's up with everyone having short hair?

Will one of the anime's biggest mysteries—Dennis' gender—finally be answered?

Will Taguro give a cameo?

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Will the OVA live up to the hype?

I guess we'll just have to wait until the release of the special Blu-ray box set for all our questions to be answered! 

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