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Zombie Lists!

<p>The Essential Everything-Zombie List!</p>
| Jan 7, 2010
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Back when the movie 2012 was released, we came out with an article that broke down several end-world theories in movies. [firstpara] One of those theories is the very exciting scenario of a zombie apocalypse, which turned much of humanity into animalistic creatures hell-bent on eating human brains.

While Zombieland, to be released locally tomorrow, January 8, also tells such a tale, it isn’t just your ordinary zombie film.

It has a lot of what we like about a modern zombie film (namely, killing the dreadful things in creative ways), but it takes everything we know about the culture of zombie movies, and pokes fun at them. It’s sure to give zombie-heads the most unholy of erections. Check out the trailer.

We're sure some of your zombie-heads actually, and to turn you into one of us, here’s a little list of essential zombie movies, games, and books.

Ghoulish Readings!

1. Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks (2003)
This is as essential as essential zombie readings go. The book obsesses over the fact that the seeds of the zombie apocalypse have indeed been planted, in the form of a deadly, little known pathogen called the “solanus” virus.

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This survival manual indicates the symptoms and the stages of said zombie disease, and even points to some events in history where the virus might have been at work. Surely, the zombie apocalypse is coming, we just don’t know when.

It details how you can zombie-proof your house, which zombie-killing armament is most effective, how to protect yourself from zombie bites, and the like, just so you could survive the zombie apocalypse when Z-day, that is the start of the zombie outbreak, finally happens. Read and survive.

2. Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks (2009)
Unlike the first book in this series, Recorded Attacks is in the form of a graphic novel chronicling the historic instances of general zombie-related mayhem.

Beautifully illustrated, the book tells harrowingly amusing tales of the undead going all bitey on humanity from the Stone Age all the way to the present.

From the zombified ninjas in ancient Japan, Roman ghoul warriors, to modern corporate zombies, Recorded Attacks indicates that the zombie threat has been knocking at the door since time immemorial, and it’s just a matter of time before the shambly ones take over the world.

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And we better be ready. Here's a short excerpt from the book.

3. Marvel Zombies (2006)
What happens when superheroes become zombies? Easy. The world ends much quicker. In this absurd alternate Marvel universe, almost every Marvel superhero from Spiderman to Captain America gets infected with the zombie gene, and ends up…well, let’s just say the results aren’t too good for non-superhero beings. Man, zombie Hulk sure has an appetite, to say the least.


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