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'Wag Kalimutan Ang Ingay by Throw

<p>Punk at its best</p>
| Dec 9, 2010
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Okay, it’s the morning again. You wake up with a hangover, stumble out of bed, and have to get to work. You aren’t in the mood for sunshine and pretty colors.

[firstpara]You’re sick of the system and tired of The Man. Katrina And The Wave’s “I’m Walking On Sunshine” is starting to sound a wee bit too chirpy.

Perhaps it's time to give that a rest and stumble your way back to punk.

Legendary Pinoy hardcore band Throw’s latest EP Wag Kalimutan Ang Ingay hits the nail right on the head with politically charged lyrics and rabied music.

The six-song EP opens with the fast and the furious title track, and already heavy percussions and face-melting guitar rifts welcome you into the pit.

Throw still has it. But really, they never lost it. For the uninitiated, the band was conceived by Al Dimalanta (former vocalist, guitar player, and songwriter for the 80s hardcore outfit the Dead Ends) and Dennis Maniego (bass player for punkabilly group Private Stock). Rounding up the group is Albert Ascona on guitar and Spyk on drums.

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The band which has been thriving in the underground (where all that punk-goodness festers the best) has already released three albums and you can check out their music on their website.

Songs “Ayaw Namin” and “Ang Paghihintay” which are less than a minute long are reminiscent of classic punk band Black Flag. 

“Karapatan” on the other hand opens with old school axe-grinding action only to break into a bit of spoken-word ala Radioactive Sago Project and high-pitch gnarly rants. Its lyrics, like most in the EP speak of knowing when enough is enough!

'Wag Kalimutan Ang Ingay may just be a six-song affair—and the songs, never going beyond the 3-minute-mark—but it's high impact and cathartic and seizure-inducing.

It’s an experience for the circle-pit loving crowd and stays true to its title. If you like your music gritty and dirty that packs a wallop, then this set will usher in all the madness you so desperately need.

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Bring on the sex, drugs and rock and roll, or should we say the blood, sweat and chaos because these are the words that best describe Throw’s latest endeavor. Here we say fuck the deafening silence and fuck the man, too!


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