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10 Epic Live Performances Of Anime Theme Songs

Guess who's booking a ticket to Japan to attend those stupendous rock shows?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 15, 2017
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In some way, anime theme songs defined our childhood.

Before we even mastered the moves of our animated TV heroes, we were first hit by a wave of LSS-inducing opening and closing theme songs. Hard to believe but most of memorized those Japanese tunes better than our very own local hymns.

Used to hearing those songs in their abridged version and accompanied by crisp graphics, imagine our joy when we discovered the full live performances online—when you first learned that it was actually a woman who sang your favorite anime soundtrack.

Allow FHM remind you of that euphoric feeling.


10) 'Ohayou' by Keno (Hunter X Hunter)

This could've been better if his entrance and performance didn't look like that of a pop idol and he had a backing band, like in the song's music video. Still, the catchy melody itself is enough to evoke episodes of Gon and the gang taking the Hunter Exam.

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9) 'Hohoemi No Bakudan' by Matsuko Mawatari (Ghost Fighter)

The wind section was on point and sounded great live, not to mention the killer guitar solo only present in the extended version. Paired with Matsuko's powerful vocal chops, Ghost Fighter's original opening theme kicks more ass than Toguro at isang daang porsyento.

8) 'Taiyou Ga Mata Kagayaku Toki' by Hiro Takahashi (Ghost Fighter)

Hiro, who looked like Jiro Manio in some parts because of the video quality, was as charming as anybody can get while performing the underrated closer. The atmosphere of the stage also suits the ballad's mystical arrangement of sorts that manifests the Spirit World.

7) 'Go!!!' by Flow (Naruto)

It's only fitting that the performers jumped and ran on platforms like the ninjas of Konoha. Seeing this for the first time made us envious of the J-Rock live concert scene. Don't mind that they are a bit off-key, as long as the crowd is having that much fun. (Skip to the 3:30 mark)

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6) 'Anata Dake Mitsumeteru' by Maki Ohguro (Slam Dunk)

Just when we thought Maki's vocal chops would carry the whole show, she starts pounding the skins to the delight of the concertgoers. Suddenly, we're having flashbacks of that heavily fought Shohoku-Kainan match, with Sakuragi and Rukawa battling for a rebound.

5) 'Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai' by Baad (Slam Dunk)

Baad and their minimalist set exuded the biggest rockstar vibe of all the entries in this list. A green-lit stage is all [former] vocalist Yamada Kyouji and his long-haired bandmates needed to render such a heartfelt and hardcore act.


4) 'Cha-La Head-Cha-La' by Hironobu Kageyama (Dragon Ball Z)

Hironobu's energy throughout the whole song would make every fallen Saiyan damn proud. Having to catch his breath and his voice failing him, he still managed to amp up the crowd. Although we we're quite disappointed that his hair didn't stand on the end and turned gold...

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3) 'Guren No Yumiya' By Linked Horizon (Attack on Titan)

We wouldn't be suprised if actual Titans suddenly appear while the group was doing their thing. Linked Horizon was very much into their number that started to resemble members of the Survey Corps, albeit instead of 3D maneuver gears, they wield musical instruments.

2) 'Jiyuu No Tsubasa' by Linked Horizon (Attack on Titan)

No other band could have the same effect on the harmonic aspect of the hit anime better than the six-piece supergroup. Breathing life into a show's theme is one thing, but embodying the series itself, like what Linked Horizon just did in this production, is another.

1) 'The Hero' by JAM Project (One-Punch Man)

To be honest, we didn't think that opening scream was real. Describing a performance of this magnitude as epic would be an understatement. The pyrotechnics, JAM Project's command of the audience, even their sound—all hit hard like Saitama's powerful fist.

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