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10 Songs for the Summer!

Because it is summer and your playlist has gasta be ready!
by Lou E. Albano | Apr 5, 2012
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We can only hope that if anything, your fasting and abstinence this Lent have made your body summer-ready. Because if Holy Week signals anything, it’s summer. Notice how temperatures have risen to beach-appropo levels? Notice how your sloth levels have done the same? So okay, summer!

If your extra layer of bilbil is ruining the sweltering summer mood, we say it’s high time you get some of yourself summer-ready. The quickest way to do that? Music, of course! Here are a few songs that you should sneak in, some for nostalgic purposes and some just for the sheer fun of it. Yay, summer!

1)  Summer Girls – LFO

Already a summer staple, “Summer Girls” is performed by pop group LFO aka Lyte Funky Ones. This is one of those songs where you surprise yourself: How the hell did you know every word of the chorus?! And come on, admit it, this was also the first time you’ve found out what Abercrombie and Fitch is.

2) Swimming Beach – Parokya ni Edgar

The video starts with a then really skinny Chito Miranda waking up in a beach cottage and greeting everyone like he owns the entire compound. The song talks about what you should actually do when you’re at the beach: relax and go slooow.

3) Breakdown – Jack Johnson

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